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  1. As generic as they are, the variant covers have all been sweet! This one looks like it might be my favorite of the series.

    Looking forward to seeing how Fraction wraps up his first arc and what he’ll hint at for the future. Anyone know if Larroca and D’armata are on this book for a pre-determined amount of issues?

  2. The solicit for the next arc shows Larroca is still on it

  3. Dang!

  4. Great story and great art.

    @JumpingJupiter – This is my favorite cover, too.

  5. you know I’ve liked Iron Man stories before and always enjoyed the character from a sort of distance but this is the first book that’s made me get that kiddy visceral thrill like I’d love to "be" this guy.  Fraction does a great Tony Stark.

  6. @Kimbo – Agreed.

  7. This and Old Man Logan are the only marvel books I’m reading right now.  Both are great reads.  Anyone know of any other good Marvel books that don’t realy cross over into the whole Marvel-U?  I’ve just gotten the hang of the DCU, I’m not ready to start that all over again.

  8. @Charlieblix – Criminal, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, and Thor are all very good right now and have no other required reading

  9. @cutty – Daredevil starts a new arc next issue right?  I’ll pick that up.  I’ve never been into the F4…. and Thor?  Hmm… I’m going to get a lot of shit if I start reading that.  I’ve made fun of Thor close to my whole life.  Damn.  I’ll see when the next arc picks up on that and jump on then to see how it is.

  10. @charlieblix: Captain America. 

  11. Fraction came out of nowhere for me and now I’m thinking he’s just brilliant. I’ve never liked Larocca’s pencils till now, either. This series is just working for me.

  12. @CharlieBlix- Nova’s a great read too.  

  13. Anybody else wanna see a new artist? Maybe Choi? Saw his cover of wizard with Iron man and it was 10 times better than anything larroca has done.

    otherwise awesome book.

  14. anyone planing on getting the Monkey Varient cover?

  15. Does it feature a prehensile armoured tail? I might think about it if there is a prehensile armoured tail.

  16. @rift: Yes! Absolutey yes!

  17. Criminy! That Larroca draws a mean robot fight scene!

  18. I think if they took the shiny off the faces, this would be a great looking book

  19. I dig Lorroca’s art, though I think he was better in Newuniversal. Perhaps it is just the coloring?

  20. The Inks and Coloring has felt off, true that.

  21. "Tony Was Right"  Loved that shirt.  The comic was good and I’m enjoying this arc a lot.  Granted I’m not a marvel guy and I’m not reading anything Marvel thats having any effect on the world but I really wish this was the Iron Man book and not just a side book.  This is really good.

  22. I don;t think it’s just the coloring, his faces and anatomy is often really wonky. But yeah, a less saran wrap style of coloring would help.

  23. I mean D’Armata did fine on Moon Knight…

  24. @ CharlieBlix

    Um, this IS the main Iron Man book. It even has the original title.

  25. J4K3 is right. This is (now) the main Iron Man book. IM: DoS is going to become the new War Machine book very soon (possibly next issue).

  26. So the Main Iron Man book has nothing to do with any of SI and is only on Issue 5?  I’m glad but that seems kind of weird to me.  They really rebooted the comic just because of the movie… wow.

  27. "Rebooted" is a strange choice of terms, but I see what you mean. This series doesn’t too involved with the Marvel U at all except for the brief appearance of Thor and #7 guest-starring Spidey. I’m fine with that, though.

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