The finale to ‘Stark: Resilient’ is here!

Tony Stark must outrace Detroit Steel and a fleet of Hammer Murderdrones or it’s the end of everything — of him, his company, his legacy, and of the Iron Man itself. The only thing more shocking than the first 19 pages are the last 3.

The end of the past is here. The birth of the future is now. The End Of All Things is just around the corner and it’s got Tony Stark dead in its sights…

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Salvador Larroca
Covers by Salvador Larroca and Brandon Peterson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.1%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Cool cover.

    Cool book.

  2. The ending of the last issue felt like a bond moment. Excited to see how this all comes together.

  3. Was going to drop here, maybe switch to trades as I find the story poorly paced for issues. But then they suckered me one more for the 500 issue. Clever girl.

  4. I still love this book

  5. I have a love/hate relationship with this book. Along with New Avengers and Captain America, it’s what I started reading a few years ago that got me back into buying monthlies again. But I really may have to drop it soon as I am just getting a little bored with it. I loved when Stark was on the run from Osborn but since then I’ve not been too excited about the series. Waiting to see where it goes next.

  6. @davidpentecost  I’m in the same boat buddy.

  7. I checked in last month for the first time in a while.  Is the concept of cell phone gamers unknowingly controlling killer drones the dumbest concept in the history of comics?  I know its a bold statement, but I feel like its true

  8. To be clear, I really like Matt Fraction’s writing. I think the Electric car, the video controlled drones etc are all cool concepts and I like Tony Stark as the underdog…just something’s not clicking with me.
    Maybe it’s a combo of a story arc I don’t love and not being a big fan of the art. Often, if I love the art I’ll stick with a so-so story just because of the art. I’ve never loved this style of comic art but was OK with it because it has been the same creative team throughout and the story-lines were great.

    Just thought about something – maybe I liked Iron Man because Osborn was after him. I was a fan of the Dark Reign era.

  9. The way this issue ended with the Stark Resilient car commercial was too reminiscent of the Halo batteries from Wildcats 3.0.

  10. A bit anticlimatic after a nine or eight issue story arc but still executed well and a good read. This comic is not your standard super hero comic and I love that. 4/5

  11. The main story was a very good, if a little abrupt end to resilient, but that back up blew me away! First book I read but it would shock me if this isn’t my potw

  12. This was my POTW

  13. Another *great* book with a great back-up! McKelvie did a bang-up job and Larocca is actually getting *better*.

    I love this goddamned book.

  14. So Tony spends the entire book out of the armor and running from the villain. Then Maria Hill saves him by doing what his staff couldn’t manage.

    Yeah, I’m done here. This book hasn’t been good since Stark Dissasembled ended.

  15. I think I’m out now. This was okay but I have no desire for more.

  16. Holy heck! Is there a way to  make the backup my POW!

    Son of a gun that was a good backup story!!!!!!

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