The fuse that was lit with STARK RESILIENT reaches an inevitable, explosive end. Tony Stark races for his life against an endless Hammer Industries fleet intent on killing him and destroying his greatest creation. War Machine and Rescue fight Detroit Steel as Hammer plays its hand against the nascent Stark Resilient. And all of Tony Stark’s plans are in danger as the greatest foe he’s ever faced finally reveals his hand…


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  1. Why is this $3.99 now?

  2. May drop this very soon. It’s lost all the appeal the the Most Wanted arc had.

  3. I’m not buying any $3.99 books from the big two publishers so I’ll be dropping this and I’ve been on since issue 1.

  4. Then you had better be prepared to stop reading all Marvel and many DC comics in the coming year or so.

  5. They didn’t even bother to give us something special with the price hike. What bullshit. Sigh.

  6. So is he going to bore Detroit Steel to death?

  7. I have no problem only buying indie books if it comes to that.

  8. It’s 32 pages apparently. Is that story pages?

  9. I wonder if they are getting closer to releasing the second over sized hardcover volume…

  10. According to Fraction’s Twitter Jamie McKelvie has a back up story in this issue and the next issue. So there’s your reason for the price bump. Now calm down everyone.

  11. I returned to Iron Man with the HC reprints of Extremis and the big story arc after that (where Tony’s mind is slowly deleted). I was blown away and started buying monthly. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? I am so ready to not just drop this book but use the last several issues for kindling. BORING BORING BORING!

  12. Still loving this.

    I can listen to Tony Stark talk all day.

  13. Detroit Steel and the Hammers are terrible, boring villains. Combined with pages and pages of Stark working in Human Resources has not mixed an tasty story brew at all. I am a sucker for landmark issues, so I will stay on until 500 (yes another renumbering) but I will be switching to trade then at minimum.

  14. @scorpion Agreed. If jonathan hickman and matt fraction wrote a one shot called "Reed and Tony have coffee and talk science" i would buy the fuck out of that book

  15. I removed this from my pre-order at the LCS, will be trying from the shelf for a while. The mediocrity is getting to me.

  16. That sounds like an awesome one-shot.

    I’m not really joking either.

  17. And cats bitchin now about this book?

    Look at the cover! Detriot Steel about to get beatdown!

  18. I liked this issue because there was a lot of Pepper in it!

  19. Really enoyable issue. The foreshadowing in the backstory was interesting. Im all in, go team Iron man!

  20. This has a nice consistent slow burn to it. the back up feature was actually good.

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