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  1. I like the first 2 issues but the art’s been lacking. If Larroca gets his groove this could become my favorite book. I wonder why DC is not putting out the equivalent of this in response to the Dark Knight movie…

  2. I don’t mind the pencils so much as I do the creepy skin. Everyone looks over-tan and the flesh is just rendered enough to look really creepy.

  3. The art on this is vomit enducing. Like, i can stomach the occasional strange faces and storytelling choices from simone bianchi but everyone in this book looks like a melting goldfish.

    I’ve been mostly loving the story with this one and i love fraction but this may be the first time where the art is bad enough to get me to drop a book.

  4. I like the comic, but I also agree that the people look like they’re made of wax

  5. I jsut pretend they’re all shrink-wrapped.

  6. Im really enjoying this title. I enjoy most of the art, except the faces. Im not sure why tho, somthing seems wrong with character faces from panel to panel.

  7. the coloring is odd in this book but overall I’m loving it.

  8. I just got my copy today.  I enjoyed it… I guess I’m not as much of a critic of the art as others are.  I love the story though.  And the book is wrapped closer and closer to the movie, in a really smart move by Marvel.  The movie made me like Tony Stark, and Fraction isn’t letting me down.

  9. Still reading despite finally coming down from my movie high and general disregard for Larocca’s current art style – must be the Fraction factor!

  10. Who rated this even though it hasn’t come out yet?

  11. Me. Canadians got their comics yesterday. I’m Canadian.

  12. Another great issue.  I’m shocked that I’m this excited about an Iron Man series

  13. @cutty: You usually don’t like Iron Man?

  14. I’ve always been kind of neutral on him, and I’ve definately never given any thought to reading his title.  But I think this is one of the best books on the stands right now

  15. Argh, my LCS was already sold out of this by 6:00 pm! They have an extremely annoying habit of doing that, and their indie selection is crappy, too. I keep telling myself that I should go to the other shop across town but can’t break away, it’s too close to my house.

  16. Great series so far. Zeke Stane makes an interesting antagonist. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

  17. @ Paradidle

    Ask if you can subscribe to comics. I receive a discount for my comics on release date at my LCS because I do so.

  18. Yup, they slikely have a pre-order program. However, that probably means that you commit to buying books a few months in advance.

  19. I really liked the idea of gamers piloting drones, but the fact that all of them are very overweight strikes me as being too stereotypey. Maybe a couple of them are pretty heavy, but skinny people play video games too. Other than that I’m really enjoying this. I think the problem with Zeke not being able to handle his own heat output is pretty cool, and so is the fact that he’s disappointed that he has to wear a suit to deal with the problem.

  20. This story has it’s plusses and minuses.


    The good part first. It seems that Matt Fraction has read some of the prior Iron Man issues. While he apparently forgot that Iron Man does not use jet boots anymore, he now remembers that Iron Man has an undersheath and his armor forms around his body. Iron Man kicking the hell out of the three Raiders was entertaining.

    Now for the bad or at least confusing part. I am not sure if Matt Fraction is aware, but the Republic of China (Taiwan) is not the same as the People’s Republic of China (Mainland China). Teipei is the captial of Taiwan, not the PRC. Taiwan is an open, Democratic society that is eager to cooperate with people. The PRC is a closed society that limits their people’s access to the outside world. 

     So, I’m confused why the ROC (Taiwan) would react as it did in the story. If anything, they would want to cooperate with SHIELD. I thought, perhaps, that in the IM:DOS story would have created bad blood between ROC and Iron Man when IM lead the SHIELD unit to investigate the Mandaran in IM:DOS. However, that occurred in the PRC, not the ROC. 

     So, I’m back to why would the ROC attack Iron Man at all. 

     I hope Matt gets better in his research……

  21. the actually story is good, average but good and until the 2nd issue I was ok with the art until I saw Thor’s crazy face, I’m new to cimics, but they need a diffrent artist.

  22. Late to the party but, I don’t think it is the art that is strange, it is the coloring. I actually think the art is good and when he is in the iron man suit, it looks amazing. There is just something off with the color that makes people look like wax.

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