STARK: DISASSEMBLED comes to its conclusion! The Ghost vs. Maria Hill and Pepper Potts, alone inside an empty middle school! Tony Stark and Dr. Strange vs. the end of the world, alone inside the shattered recesses of Tony’s once-great mind! After what might as well have been the entirety of the Marvel Universe coming together to get Iron Man back on his feet, can Tony himself run the last mile alone? What’s left of a man after you take him apart?

WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Salvador Larroca
COLORED BY: Chris Arrant
COVER BY: Salvador Larroca

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 47.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Hope this is better than the last issue.

  2. Somebody has got to come in and kill the 6 issue arc.  It just takes too long to tell a story – its one thing if we’re talking about Watchmen.  But this is no Watchmen – this should have been 2 issues at the most.

  3. I think it would have been better at 5, but I still have enjoyed it and I can’t wait for this issue.

  4. Um, this was a 5 issue arc. Started with issue 20.

  5. 5 issues, 6 issues – same difference.  Too much filler.  Too many "reaction shot" panels.

  6. Oh pish posh this is a great comic and you know it!

  7. I agree this could have been condensed, but not down to 2 issues. Probably 4.

  8. Maybe 3.

  9. Maybe.

  10. I dig what Hickman, Rucka and Morrision have been experimenting with – shorter arcs bundled for trades with oneshots padding them out to still warrant a $13-15 price tag. Not that I’m against a 6 issue long story per say, but only if it deserves it. I don’t think Disassembled really warranted that.

  11. My problem in general with 6 issue arcs is that they don’t tell 6 issues worth of story – in general.  I understand they fit well into trades and tell a 120 page or so story, but they typically just don’t have enough meat on their bones.

  12. Oh blabadee blah blah! You all suck!

  13. Ha yeah I meant 4…I think I saw the thing about the 6 issue arc and then I put 5….either way though, this has been very good overall.

  14. Wanna stop 6 issue arcs? Stop buying them. Personally I love any story thats good regardless of how many issues it takes to tell it. This has been stellar

  15. @JJ-There is nothing wrong with critiquing a book you love. If anything, that seperates the fans from the fanboys. This is still hands down one of my top titles, don’t mean I can’t discuss things that don’t click for me.

  16. This has been awesome!  Iron Man the comic has NEVER been this good.

  17. @Drake: Uhm, I was joking around dude.

    But still, if you don’t like this book you don’t like comics, cookies and sex.
  18. Can stuff please start happening
    in this arc pzzz

  19. @JJ- How the hell am I supposed to know you’re joking around if you don’t use emoticons!?!?! Get with the program.

  20. four issues would probably worked, but i am excited to see this play out

  21. 1. I love these covers.

    2. While I have been loving this book, I do agree that both this arc and World’s Most Wanted could have been *greatly* condensed.


  22. WOW, so everyone wants their comics over NOW!!  END ALL STORYLINES NOW!!!

    No room for character development or conflicts to play out naturally, just END THE STORYLINES NOW!!!  Done in 1!

    I’m glad there’s this many good comics to buy.  If Fraction blew through all 4 or 5 storyarcs he has in 5 issues total, we’d be on to the next creative team, and it probably wouldn’t be as good.

  23. @KickAss: No, this was just so dragged out. This arc should’ve been called " C’MON TONY! "

  24. @Drake: 8P

  25. This was astoundingly good.  5 stars, easy.  Best arc since the first one.

  26. @kickass   agreed, this was awesome.


    i wonder if tony is ever going to get those memoires back or if he’ll just have to live with what happened without ever having proper context


  27. @roi and kickass
    wow great damn issue! Easy 5

    roi I think that not having the context will force Tony to look at his actions and himself objectivley and see he was kind of a dick. Will force him to be humble and help him to reunite with Thor and cap

  28. See, if all the stuff didn’t happen in Stark’s subconscious and all the had been cut off in the name expediency and instant gratification, and we had a "condensed" story instead, the payoffs in this issue would have sucked a huge wang-chang.

  29. I’d say this was very good with a great ending.  Really looking forward to what comes next!

  30. Very good issue. 5/5 for me. This really could been a well told 3-issue arc, though. (Cutting out the inane talking heads of the first issue would have gotten us to 4 alone!) However, I just want to express how aggravated I am that Steve Rogers is essentially meaningless in this story! And yet they had him just show up for 1.5 issues! Why "blow" the ending of Reborn (which was of course not a surprise, but still) just to have him appear and hug a character he had no emotional connection to?  Seriously… and Rhodey has far more logical and emotional connections to everyone there but is just there to get shot. But I digress. Not sure how I feel about the "sightly-off" reboot of Tony. It seems a very limp way of getting rid of "Asshole Tony."

  31. @prax i kind of agreed about the reboot but i was thinking about it and it is pretty logical with all the crap going on in his life tony could easily forget to back up the hd (hell i forgot to upload my honeymoon pics and lost them when my pc crashed….DAMN YOU PC! what was i thinking! glad to be back to mac) and it gets rid of asshole tony, so its ok with me

  32. They had Steve show up because they wanted the link to be obvious, from when Jarvis handed him the case in New Avengers. I’m sure they didn’t intend to blow the Reborn ending, but you can’t fault them for not rearranging the entire, meticulously planned story to compensate for a late book — a book that everyone knew would end a certain way.

     Personally, I absolutely adored this issue and the arc as a whole. This series has turned me into an Iron Man fan. I do feel like the reboot will be tempered by Tony getting fully caught up and not being wholly apologetic, because he will see the logic in his actions. Removed form the immediacy, he will obviously be less hard-line, but I’m sure he, Steve and Thor will still have plenty to disagree about. 

  33. Fantastic. I love Fraction’s Iron Man.

  34. What a fucking ending.  Great issue.  It was worth enduring the drawn out story now.

  35. This arc seemed a little drawn out, but what an ending!  And Doc Strange is no slouch.  Or should I say Doctor Soy.

  36. Yeah, this was great. I thought I was going to drop this and switch to hardcovers, but I’m sticking with this in issue until Fraction leaves.

  37. Best issue of the entire arc, but then again I haven’t been a big fan of this arc. 4.5/5 for me

  38. See? What I tell you?

  39. Good stuff. Good ending in the physical world but the mental world was dumb

  40. @JJ okay, fine!! You were right! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR?!;)

  41. @JJ-Still not up to the caliber I expect–nay, demand from this book.

  42. @Vada: Thank you. 🙂

  43. it was a good arc, but I’m anxious to move on.  I want Fraction to write Tony on top of his game again.  …if only for him to be brought back down.  ALSO, keep giving me more of Iron Man’s kick ass rogues gallery.

  44. Still on my stack

  45. @drakedangerz: I agree not the best arc and I think they should have started with Tony awake. That said, this was a solid read and worth the purchase.

  46. Good issue.  Only one thing bothers me though, what exactly kept Ghost from killing Stark?  I mean Pepper had already given up there location. Why not just go solid and end it.  His hand was already in his head.  Did I miss something?

  47. I felt like all the story was being dragged out so thin into the  panels.

    Dropped. Bye, guys! 

  48. RETCON! Total retcon. Hated this issue. Rather than have Tony have to actually deal the consequences of his actions during Civil War and Secret Invasion we’ll just One More Day them away! Terrible. Fraction better have something good for next issue.

  49. @Uspunx: I think your pulling the trigger too liberally here. It’s not a retcon. I wouldn’t worry about it. 

  50. Well, USpunx can worry about it. Amnesia mishandled can be a really clunky plot device. But it is not a Retcon. It all happened. The present Stark just won’t remember doing it. Everyone around him will have to decide how they feel about mind-wiped Tony and whether they can convince themselves that "this" Tony didn’t do that stuff. I think a great stroyline would be Stark slipping back into some of the same Civil War patterns and being called on it.

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