The heart and soul of the Marvel Universe gathered to bring Tony back online…but when they flipped the switch, nothing happened. What do you do when the smartest man in the world is trapped inside his own subconscious? Doctor Donald Blake reaches out for a specialist…Doctor Strange! And meanwhile…the Ghost closes in, ready to assassinate Tony Stark once and for all.

WRITER: Matt Fraction
PENCILS: Salvador Larroca
COVER BY: Rian Hughes & Salvador Larroca

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Can’t wait for this! Ironman has been one of my favorite books.

  2. The previous issue was one of the best of the series!

  3. I dropped this last issue, but it’s a light week so I may pick this up afterall…

  4. Nice! Looking forward to seing what Fraction will do with Ghost.

  5. I would love to see Fraction on New Avengers after if Bendis ever leaves.

  6. just saw the pic for the new iron man armor and that has me excited enough to keep reading. not that i need it because this book has been awesome.

  7. @uspunx I wouldn’t mind that. I would really love to see one avengers book thrice monthly ala ASM (which has been great) with fraction, bendis, and slott (mighty is the only avengers I read. Slott is awesome!)

  8. I really want my copy of #20 to come in so I can go back to reading this fucking excellent book!

  9. @peterparker: Okay that is a great idea! I don’t read Mighty but I love Bendis and Fraction.

  10. @Uspunx
    mighty is great very fun and avengery. That’s why I would love the three slott does fun stories fraction does great wide screen comics and bendis does good decompressed dialouge heavy character stuff. Sounds like a fun read to me!

  11. Is it me or is this becoming Marvel’s flagship?

  12. @Davetron3k: Depends on how you define flagship. It’s only Marvel’s 10th highest seling book.


  13. @conor oh not at the moment. and possibly never sales wise. But critically, even more than the Avengers titles it seems that this is the book that people point to for solidity and accessibility.

  14. The greatness continues. I wonder if Tony will be back in the suit first in siege or here

  15. i’ve been reading this series since issue 8 and i must say fraction is definitely one of the best writers marvel has. i cannot wait for him and JRJR to start spewing beauty all over thor in a couple months

  16. I think ASM is still the flagship book.

  17. @shenanigans: I wonder if Steve Rogers will don the suit until Tony is up on his feet. 

  18. @uspunx
    my theory is Steve Rodgers as director of hammer (guess he might rename it shield. Pun intended) hence the line from the president in who will wield *spoiler* about him having another option for steve if he dosent want to be cap

  19. @peterparker: Yeah I thought that too when I read the that line but then I started thinking and it would be poetic justice if Steve took on the mantle of Iron Man. Just like Tony told Bucky their needed to be a Cap, maybe the Pres. is thinking the world needs an Iron Man. Steve keeping that legacy alive like Tony kept Cap’s legacy alive would just be fitting. Plus it seems that although the super hero community is ready to bring Tony back to life they might not all be ready to forgive him. Clearly Tony and Steve, Tony and Thor, and Tony and Pepper need to have some words.

  20. Has Cap ever worn the armor before? Could he actually pilot it? Couldn’t Rhodey do it. I believe he has more experience than Cap.

  21. How about Steve donning the iron patriot?

  22. @shenanigans Except for the Iron Patriot Armor, I don’t think Steve would have the knowledge to pilot the more modern suits. Nor does he have the built in power source that Pepper and Tony have. Fraction wrote in one of the first issues of the series that only besides Tony himself, Rhodey is the only person that could make the other armors work.  

  23. I thought Steve took on the armor during the Demon in a Bottle story line?

    Plus the power source concern seems like a pretty easy fix by comic book logic. Maybe all his time traveling gave him a natural repullsor aura… 

  24. Wow Iron Man running neck & neck with Spider-Man!

  25. Tony could build a suit that Steve would be able to pilot, easy. That said, I got no interest in seeing such a thing.

    We need the scene of Steve as Captain America ripping the armor off of Osborn and telling him he’s got no right to wear the flag.




  26. Hrmm.. This was the first misfire on this title for me in a long time. There’s some really big logic jumps in this as well as some really bad narrative flaws. Despite the fact that tony is still not healed, everyone leaves!? What? Why would Bucky, Natasha and Rhodey up and leave? Rhodey especially. This is his best friend! While Steve is at least given a reason to leave, his presence has yet to actual do anything for the book! (Any character could have gone to get Strange.) Just… really disappointing. Ghost looks cool. And Maria-Pepper stuff is great, but this issue just wasn’t firing on all 5 cylinders. And thus… 4/5

  27. @prax I agree while I wouldn’t quite call it a misfire it was definetly not as great as it had been, the random abonding felt weird, as did doc strange’s presence in the book

  28. Yeah…not as good as it has been but I still enjoyed it and hate that I have to wait till next month to get more!!!

  29. @NathanNicdao Yeah, still not a good idea.

    Overall, this story is still good, it just needs to move a little faster. 


  30. I thought this issue was great! I’m loving Fraction’s Iron Man and I have no idea what’s going to happen next.

  31. I had the same problem Prax did, as well as the fact that Strange shows up. Him showing up and saying he can bring Tony back pretty much renders the last issue useless. What was the point of last issue’s epic attempt if they could have just as easily brought in Strange to fix him? And for that matter, why was Strange called instead of Doctor Voodoo? It seems that since they were so concerned with bringing in Steve Rogers last issue in order to stay current with Marvel continuity, that they should have brought in Voodoo as well.  

    Everything else about this book is as great as ever, but these plot wholes were worth mentioning and really deterred me from fully enjoying this issue. 4/5 for me. 

  32. @Drakedangerz  Well strange couldn’t have rebooted tony like they did in the last issue and restored all the data. remember tony is more machine then he used to be. i’m guessing tony didn’t take into account his soul and thats why strange is there. you need both to really bring tony back.

    also steve doesn’t know that dr. voodoo is the new sorcerer supreme. he’s been dead for a little bit

  33. and the attempt last issue did something.  suddenly, Tony’s dreams changed.  I think how the dream sequences end up will play an important part in this story.  at the very least, I think we’ll find out something interesting about Tony’s relationship with his parents.

  34. @RoiVampire-Steve knows. I’m sure more than enough people would have filled him in on that little bit of information. At the very least, Strange would have told him. And everything else you claim is purely speculation. Fraction did nothing on his end to try to explain that at all. All it would have taken was a simple word balloon.

  35. @RoiVampire Actually, Tony is less machine than he was before Secret Invasion. He’s lost Excellis, so he can never use the Adi Granov armor again. (Yeah, right!) But yeah, he still has the mechanical elements in his chest, but he’s still very much a man.

  36. I agree with some of the criticisms; however, I like the idea of using Dr. Strange to help restore someone’s psyche while they are in a coma.

    Ghost is one of my favorite characters and only because he has been interestingly developed in Thunderbolts. He is this twitchy paranoid character that has the foresight to keep himself one step ahead of his "enemies."

    He doesn’t seem evil though and I’m not sure he would actually kill Stark. In Thunderbolts, he is usually undermining Osborne’s authority.  

  37. @prax  he also has a lot of tech in his brain, hence the last story arc

  38. so when did Rhodey stop being a cyborg?

  39. @Rando  Apparently in the issue of War Machine that came out before the last issue of this book

  40. @Roi thanks, I don’t  read the War Machine ongoing, but I really like the character and am glad they undid that dumb "literal War Machine" stunt

  41. Rhodey’s mind was downloaded into a clone body, much like they are trying to do with Tony’s mind.  interesting synergy.

  42. I hate/love cliffhangers. Probably the longest month of my life. C’mon Tony!

  43. I think that everthing that happened in the last issue is at least getting Tony on the right track to coming back, after the "procedure" he now has his chest implant and part of his armour back…..I dunno if its just taking time for him to come back or if he actually needs Strange to bring him back….that is probably yet to be seen.  As for why they used Dr. Strange instead of Voodoo….I think Strange has had more of a relationship with these characters so there is probably more trust there….I dunno…thats just how I see it.

  44. soo..good

  45. @cubman987: It’s like Steve knows Strange from way back and this is the "bro hook-up"

  46. I likd it! This has become a book that I no longer "review" or read with a critical eye. I just read it an enjoy it. I’m won over and just go with it.

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