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  1. The last issue was all over the place, and Larroca’s art was complete crap.  I’m not sure if I’ll actually end up picking this up.

  2. I loved the last issue, though I wasn’t in love with the art. But I feel good about this series.

  3. Coming off the movie high, I picked this up recently.  It was a decent read, not as excellent as I was hoping after reading The Order, with art from Larocca that didn’t completely turn me off to the book.

  4. I really liked the last issue, so I’ll be picking up the next one for sure.  I liked the art for the most part even if it felt a little off in places.

  5. To me the art looked good but the coloring was what was either good or bad. I dug how it looked with the suit but it just looked weird in some places, especially people’s skin. Last issue was the first Iron Man I have ever read and after thoroughly enjoying the flick I dug the comic as well. I like Fraction’s style of writing.

  6. I usually can’t stand Fraction, but the first issue showed promise.  I will pick this up as well and hope for the best.

  7. I really liked the first issue and I’m looking forward to this one.  I’ve never been a regular Iron Man reader, but that was enough to hook me for at least the first arc. 

  8. I loved the story from Fraction last issue but the art from Larroca varied from great to absolutely horrible. the faces on the african women on the first page anyone?

  9. I love what Fraction does with real world ideas; I love what he does with characters.

    Not so big on the art.

  10. I really enjoyed this issue.  Great pacing

  11. I love this book I love this book I love this book.

    More coherent thoughts to come.

  12. @ohcaroline: wow, that was deep.  ha ha.  (notice that my post is also uselesss).

    I’m hooked on this book.  The wallet is getting tight though, so someone is on the chopping block… 

  13. I really enjoyed this Issue but i agree with the consensus that the art is patchy. It shifts for good to Sh!t so i will stick for this arc and see how it goes.

  14. I think LaRocca’s actually doing a pretty good job here. besides the fact that tony is apparently Latin

  15. Is the mustache bothering anyone else?

  16. I think just about any human face is bothering me in this book. I love how the suit looks tho but doesn’t it always look good?

    I wasn’t crazy about last issue but this issue got me really interested to see what happens next. Not a big Fraction fan but I’m givin him a shot with this. really excited

  17. This series is definitely shaping up.

  18. Can someone verify for me if this is INDEED the very FIRST APPEARANCE of Modern Thor outside of his own book.

    "C’mon Thor. Look at me!" = CLASSIC

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