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  1. Pony-Boy?

  2. Unfortunate Outsiders reference. Excited for this Iron Man has been one of the best books out recently. Seeing as how it’s a light week, I can easily say POTW.

  3. haha, yeah that’s a pretty weak Outsiders reference.  Stil very excited for this bitchin’ series.

  4. So stoked! Last issue was rockin’!

  5. Possibly my all-time favourite Iron Man arc! (I know that’s blasphemous…)

  6. With Captain Britain gone this is now my favorite Earthbound Marvel book.

  7. It’s just amazing to me how user friendly this series is. Even if you haven’t read iron man in years you can jump right in

  8. @Roi: My wife likes this comic for that reason. But the Namor bit turned her off though. "What’s with the merman?"

  9. @JJ-Mermen have the lower body of a fish, hence Namor is no merman!

  10. I started with #1 after the movie came out- having never read any Iron Man title ever.  This has been a great series.

  11. @drake: Tell my wife that.

  12. Do mermen and Antlanteans get pissed off when you say the wrong thing? Like Puerto Ricans and Cubans, or Chinese and Koreans?

  13. @JJ – I make it a point to never attempt to correct a woman.

    @ActualButt – I would think so.  And from what I gather, Atlantians would probably hate mermen and call them half-bloods.  Not quite a fish, not quite a man; merman.

  14. i like the outsiders reference. it’s old but it still holds up. movies have a period of about a decade after they come out before the refrences become funny again


  15. I heard or read an interview with Fraction where he says that the cover design of this title was getting overhauled. He seemed pretty excited about it. I think he said it was at issue #17. You guys know?

  16. @Roi It’s a book, too. A pretty common one to read in middle-school.

    @JJ I can’t see them redoing the cover design before the arc changes. Looks the same to me.

    Awesome read. 5/5 and POTW for me. This book has been on a tear recently. Totally deserving of the Eisner. Larroca’s really grown as an artist. Fraction’s writing is superb. (And makes me wonder what he’s doing on X-Men.) This is the only book at marvel where Dark Reign doesn’t feel like a passing fad, but something important. And it feels personal between Stark and Osborne despite not being near each other. 


  17. I just can’t get into this book like everyone else… it’s kind of frustrating.  I just find this book very average with sub-par art.

    World’s Most Wanted ends when… 19? 20?  I can’t wait for Dark Reign to end so I can finally try to get into Marvel books. 

  18. So…I’m not the only one who thinks something is up with Madame Masque right?  Because before her face was totally fucked up, now you can see that the skin around the eyes is OK.  So either Larroca messed up (somewhat likely) or she ain’t who she says she is (more likely)

    Damn fine reading.  Agreed that its the only Dark Reign book that I am both reading and enjoying.  I can’t help but feel for Tony the whole time.  He is such a broken character that I honestly can’t see how Fraction, or anyone, could really pull him back together in an effective and convincing manner.

    Top notch story telling.  The way it’s shaping up, probably POTW. 

  19. @drake Total supposition but I’m rather certain it’s Pepper there are some fairly obvious clues. 

  20. Remember how good pre-Disney Marvel comics were?…ahhhh those were the days. 

  21. @JumpingJupiter The new trade design is starting with the next arc, if I recall correctly. It’s going to look like a comic from the future or something.

    I really enjoy Matt Fraction’s Iron Man. It’s not the best comic currently but it’s damn consistent and very enjoyable.

  22. I totally almost crapped my pants when I saw the Eisner logo on the cover. It looks like the disney logo. And then I totally almost crapped my pants when I read the story because it’s so freaking awesome!!!

    Seems to me Fraction said it was the comic cover it self that was getting a re-design. Not the trade dress…

  23. How the hell can anyone put Tony back together after this mess? The man can’t even spell anymore. I don’t see how Fraction or anyone is going to redeem Mr. Stark.

  24. @MrGlass-I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.  What exactly do you mean?

  25. @mustbedamned   well it’s not like he needs to be redeemed really so much as he need’s his brain to be rewired. i’m sure fraction can do some crazy science where he refires all the neurons but tony has to relearn everything. give him the potential back and make him study his ass off just to know how his own gadgets work

  26. not quite as good as other issues of this book have been, but still very enjoyable.  loved falling asleep to the basic electrical engineering on tape.  brilliant

  27. Still the best book Marvel is publishing,

  28. Each character in this book is very distinct and well developped and going through their own progression. I love them all and root for all of them! The plotting is tight and the dialog is entertaining. The art is finally at a place where I like it. I love this book a great deal.

    Tony’s email broke my heart. It distills everything Tony is. He is a hero with the weight of the world on his shoulders and deep down he suffers from self doubt.

  29. @jumpingjupiter  yes exactly, heartbreaking is the exact word. man that whole scene was brutal to read

  30. I loved it. Best Iron Man since Extermis. Shit as hit the fan.

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