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  1. let’s hear it for Salvador Larroca.  we wait six weeks between 13 and 14, but only three between 14 and 15.  No fill-ins.  Well done!

  2. yea that’s kinda wierd…

  3. It’s a solid run.  I’ve never lost interest since the beginning.

  4. Indeed. This is the best story going on in the Marvel U right now.

  5. And certainly the best Dark Reign tie-in, though it could nearly stand alone from any of that mess.

  6. @J4K3 & Noto This is excellent, but Joe Kelly’s Amazing Spiderman is not bad either.

  7. Woo hoo!

  8. This art’s still not my thing, but I adore the writing.

    Hope the next arc’s not so dark, though. If Tony gets any gloomier, he’ll be Batman. XD

  9. @musicologist – You’re right, I would probably put Spidey next on my list of Top Marvels right now.

  10. I really like this book, but never enough to remember the last issue at all… I think that’s a sign I should save my money.

  11. Art is much improved. Now the book is firing on all cylinders.

  12. So, did Tony and Pepper sleep together?  I thought it was ambiguous. 

  13. @caroline I think that would be a safe bet.  Do any of the older Iron Man fans recollect who the masked chick is?  Should we know who she is?

  14. Madame Masque. Here’s her wiki…

    She’s all over the place now thanks to Dark Reign.

  15. My question wasn’t as specific as I intended.  Has she ever revealed her face to anyone in a comic yet?

  16. Ah! That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer, but I would love to know as well.

  17. Tony does know her because he used to date her.  We know from the current Hood mini that Parker has seen her face, but prefers the mask on.

  18. @ABirdseyeView – Has her face ever been revealed to the reader?

  19. This was almost my PotW. A very solid issue even though I don’t like how Tony looks.

  20. A great read. 5/5 for me. Close to being a POTW. THis has been Marvel’s best title, with Thor coming quickly after, for the past 8 issues. Amazing. Also did anyone else notice the panel where Larocca drew a corded phone in the woman’s hand but it was badly erased and replaced with a cellphone that doesn’t fit in her hand?

    As for Madame Masque, she’s a classic Iron Man villain, originally the daughter of Count Nefaria, she was the head of a mafia-like private army. I think Iron Man caused her plane to crash by accident and the villain Midas made her the mask to hide the scarring she got. She was also Tony’s lover for a while back in the day, so… the unmasking isn’t really a big deal from that stand point. That is, it’s not the first time her identity is being revealed. 

  21. I honestly don’t know if the proverbial reader has seen her face.  someone else might be able to confirm that

  22. I love this story, but COME ON!  We need some better art.  The cover is great

  23. This is a great series. I actually love Larroca’s art- much more so than some of the art in Dark Avengers or Messiah War.

  24. As for madam mask, there was a brief moment when I confused her with a very similar character that appeared in one of the later episodes of the Batman animated series from the 90’s (after the stylistic change).  I had to remind myself that she has to be different since that is DC.

  25. This is the only title where I have NO idea how the main character is going to get out of his current predicament. It’s exciting.


  26. y question is why aren’t they talking about it on the podcast.

  27. None of the guys are reading this title, that’s why it doesn’t come up :).  When the staffwriter guest show happened, I recall several of them mentioning it favorably (maybe Sonia and Jimski?)  It’s just a question of what the people on the podcast are interested in and can get to!

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