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  1. It bugs me that Namor, one of Marvel’s more useless characters, is being thrown into so many books he doesn’t belong in because of Dark Reign. I’m sure Bendis could have done without Namor. I suppose I’ll have to deal with it though.

  2. Namor is cool.

  3. Namor is one of my favorite characters in comics even though I can’t really point to any great book of his.

    That mini (not the Marvel Knights one) that came out a couple years ago was pretty good though.

    I like this book.

  4. Tsk, Namor is not useless. He is one big motherlovin’ badass and one of my favourite characters. I’m enjoying seeing him in all these current books, especially since he doesn’t have his own book these days.

  5. Great ending to last issue.  Dark Reign is really exceeding my expectations so far

  6. Finally caught up on this series. Wow, it’s superb. Not a Fraction fan elsewhere, but here’s it clicks. 

  7. Submariner:Revolution came out a few years ago and it was awesome.  Namor is bad ass.  Fraction writes Namor and Iron Man amazingly well.  I’m sure this will be great.

  8. Namor is cool. DC needs more Aquaman!

  9. Really enjoying this book lately. It’s been consistently good.  The smaller character moments have been handled really well by Fraction. Love Tony running around in the older armor. It’s odd to have him without Extremis.

  10. I’m predicting this will be my POW even with Flash: Rebirth coming out. Sal finally got his act together big time for last issue. The coloring was great for two issues in a row and Fraction totally has his hooks into me. The AA scene with Hellrung, Iron Maiden, Maria Hill being all badass and sexy. Now a classic brawl is setup. This book is custim made for my taste! And though I’m excited for Flash: Rebirth, I don’t really know what to expect. So, we’ll see! Fun week for me!

  11. Great book. I’m excited for this issue. Too bad they couldn’t call Pepper Iron Maiden.

  12. Oh, I see Jimski’s reading this!

  13. Is it just me or have fans of this book not been very vocal. We need to harass the iFangang to read this.

  14. @JumpingJupiter  I think Ron & Josh both started on this title but dropped it, and Conor’s not a Fraction fan.  People like different stuff and have limited resources.  Be vocal, but not annoying ;).

    That said, I have been loving this title.  The last issue was probably my favorite and Fraction writes such a great Namor, he could put him in everything and I wouldn’t complain.  A Fraction/Breitweiser Namor mini, that would rock.

  15. Fraction is fantastic with those arrogant and dominating personalities.  I would love to see him write a scene with the Dark Illuminati; Doom, Emma and Namor in particular.  Or maybe just a short story of those three doing something together, like insulting people as they walk by them in a park.  I’m sure it would have me in stitches.

  16. @Caroline: I didn’t mean literally harass/annoy. 

  17. @drake  He’s doing a Dark Avengers/X-Men crossover this summer, so it’s likely we’ll see something like that.

    @Jupiter Oh, I know, I was just mentioning what I remembered from the podcast.  

  18. I really, really liked this issue. It was up there for my PotW. I’ve never really liked the art that much but the story is really awesome. We see Osborn showing his true colors and lots of stuff moving forward story-wise.

  19. This was freaking fantastic.  I had a ton of fun reading it and only complained about the art a few times!!  It was a hard week for me to choose the POTW.  Destroyer, War of Kings #2, Flash: Rebirth were also really good books.  But this was the most fun and really left me satisfied.

  20. A great week for comics! And a great issue for Iron Man. Fraction has kept me consistently entertained month to month with this book, and this is no exception.

    While I wasn’t a fan of Larocca’s celebrity drawings, I have never disliked his art. And he’s been getting better and better on this book. Can’t wait till next month. 

  21. It seems like the inking on this book has changed, which makes the art look more drawn and less computer-y.  I think it’s a huge improvement and, while I don’t always like LaRocca’s faces, I’m enjoying it a lot overall.

    And oh yeah, the story kicks ass.  Pick of the week.

  22. @Oh Caroline: You may be write about the inking, though it remains by greatest point of contentio for this book. I did, however, notice improvement in the pencils and coloring department. The inking looks to me more like straight-up tracings. And there’ something about Sal’s ear drawings that gross me out *shiver*. Other than that, the art is improving in my eyes with each issue. Since issue we’ve gone from downright shitty art to decent art. It’s interesting to see the progression actually.

  23. I love Namor and have no problem with all his appearances. I was disappointed that there was no rude comment here about his leather panties. Tony’s usually better about that.

     This is the first issue in this run that I’ve been kind of "meh" about, but I think that’s because it’s so very in the middle of the story arc. That said, I do wish we could pull out of the mud a little bit. This thing has got ME depressed, and I don’t need the help right now in that department. 

     Also, the bit with Maria Hill was irredeemably creepy.

  24. @Amelia: Yeah, Tony’s usually good with the gab. But remember, he’s getting incrementally dumber. Which is a hilariously clever idea if you ask me. That’s why I love Fraction here.

  25. Larroca, whose art I don’t love, is getting better. Aside from his Namor looking kinda freakish, the look of this book is improving with every issue. Fraction, as usual, is doing great. This book actually elevated my heart rate it was so well done.


  26. I dug this big time too. First issue since catching up and it left me excited for more. 

  27. I like this issue it had good solid writing and the art was pretty good.  My only problem is with how the Potts armor is drawn, yuck.

  28. The part where namor tells tony not to do anything stupid and tony says it’s too late for that was just awesome

  29. Between this and Uncanny, Fraction clearly has my number.

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