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  1. *sigh*  If only they could have named her Iron Maiden 🙁

  2. sadly since i missed the first issue of this run i have been collecting the 2nd printings. i love this arc

  3. @drake it’s not to late. it could still happen.

  4. @NealAppeal-I talked to Fraction at WonderCon…they can’t do it for legal reasons.  Cuz there is another comic on the stands called Iron and the Maiden.  I forget the details, but it would cause too much trouble.  I sad 🙁 but trust in Fraction

  5. I dig on that cover.

    I dig on this book.

  6. @drake did you go to the Fraction and Chabon panel?

  7. @NealAppeal-No.  I forgot where I was, but I had something else that the wife wanted to check out.  I came in at the tail end of it though.  One of the more crowded panels actually.

  8. @drake I was there. It was pretty cool.

  9. Last issue was stupendous, gonna be hard to follow that.

  10. This has become my favorite book. Now, vary your freaking line weight dammit!

  11. Probably my pick of the week. I love this book almost too much.

  12. "Now, vary your freaking line weight dammit!"

    You’re telling THIS GUY how to draw?!  Wow.

    Awesome comic by the way.  The first arc was incredible.  Recent stuff has been great as well.

  13. @KickAss-Anyone can offer their criticism. 

    And anyways, JJ was mostly joking I’m sure.  He loves Sawyer and his creepy mustache 😉

  14. "Anyone can offer their criticism."

    I know, I know it’s cool…but at Salvador Larroca?!?!?!

  15. The art bothers me at times but its gotten much better.

  16. @KickAss: Yes, Larroca has not impressed me on this title. The coloring hasn’t helped of course, but that’s improved in the last issue. I think Sal draws incredibly precise and beautiful architecture and mech. He’s pretty good with layouts too. Not gimmicky, just solid story telling. However, the anatomy is often wonky (shoulders coming out of necks, biceps that flex when the arm is extended, chins that expand and contract from panel to panel. It really yanks me out of the story. And the guy inks his own pencils. He seems to just trace the pencils, which isn’t what inking is. He practically NEVER varies his line weight. It’s not just a little off to my eyes. It’s downright ugly to me! Being a graphic designer by trade, I tend to trip up things like that. This is the only thing I ever saw of his so I can’t speak of the guy’s overall skills. But there’s some odd crap going on in this book.

    Each issue gets a little better for me though. To the point where I’m no longer just reading this for the story. I pick this up now and I look forward to seeing how the art might have improved.

  17. If the above is true, the the fact that Fraction wanted to name Pepper ‘Iron Maiden’ just gave him serious cred with my inner 1980’s child.

  18. ZOMG I loved the last page of this. Can’t wait until the next issue!

  19. The art style seemed different to me here, a little softer and more human looking on the faces, particularly in the Henry scenes.  Not all the panels worked but some of them were nice.

    Also, Henry!!!  I couldn’t love this character more, and I can’t possibly be objective about anything with him in it.  But aside from that, I love how concisely that scene summed up what it’s like to be friends with Tony: here’s 2 million dollars, prepare to be arrested, it’ll be fine.

  20. @ohcaroline-Yeah,  the art was a completely different beast in this issue.  I enjoyed it for the most part too.  Although I did miss not having Sawyer around…or his mustache. 🙁

    Solid stuff though, and that last panel was great.  I almost squeeled! ^__^

  21. Great stuff!

  22. So who else out there tried the email address?  I’ll admit it I tried it, but just because I just read an article about the show "how i met your mother" and how they have a bunch of fake sites because of stuff that happens on the show.

  23. sorry for double post:

    best one of the sites being

  24. haha, I was going to try the email address later today.

  25. Fact: Tony Stark has l33t password skillz.

  26. Fact: This issue rocked my socks.

  27. Fact: P3pp3r iz h@wt!

  28. So is M@r1@ H1ll

  29. Henry’s also hot.  Especially in handcuffs.  He doesn’t do l33t, though, it offends his sensibilities.

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