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The new Invincible will not back down, will not give in, and he is not going to play nice. What happens when Mark Grayson isn’t happy with his replacement? All this and… What exactly happened between Robot and Monster Girl in the Flaxan Dimension?

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Ryan Ottley & John Rauch
Cover by Ryan Ottley

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. thank god, I was worried we’d never find out why Robot and Monster Girl are all emo

  2. This book can’t put a foot wrong for me. Every issue is great.

  3. Ditto. One of my favorites. One of the best books on the stands!

  4. Quatro-ditto! Go Dino go, you brave Dino guy you.

  5. DITTO in all caps.

  6. Man, Allen’s tiny pupil on the last page of this issue was worth the cover price all on its own…

  7. Aahhhh I love the art so much. As a double-take, go look at that collarbone on the last page!

  8. Terrific issue! Atom Eve kicked ass, Dino kicked ass, Mark an Eve together again, Mark and Dino together again, Bulletproof adventures on the side, this book is truckin’! Bring on issue 200! (Then issue 400!!)

  9. I am starting to get bored of this title, and it’s only because the threat level seems to have been the same for almost 10 issues and nothing has progressed or even changed. I like Dinosaurases and the rest of the characters, it’s just; they are kinda of doing nothing to move this title in any real direction.


  10. Sure I can see that view especially from hoping for more threats or villains, but they’re definitely moving the title in a direction. They’re completely changing the status quo of the main characer, and anything could happen with him, Dino, and Eve. That interests me more than furthering a threat level, but we all have different taste.

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