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  1. I hope this ships

  2. No info?? Well I was still be reading it!


  3. Dinosaurus is awesome. That is all

  4. Holy SHIT! I am loving this new status quo shake up! Dinosaurus FTW! 5/5 POTW!!!! I almost gave POTW to chew but jesus this was just too amazing!

  5. My brain yelled, “Holy shit!” during the fight between Dinosaurus and Thragg.

  6. Awesome issue. I’m really worried about DInosaurus!

  7. Gruesome, heartbreaking, and the most beautifully drawn book I’ve seen this year!

  8. Dinosaurus going down really upset me and he will be missed!! I though this issue dragged with Mark being out again and I guess I was expecting more on the disease rather than guessing games. I would think Mark’s girlfreind would be a little more upset and really be getting after it not wasting time with the hero job. If Dino had to go at least he went as one hell of a hero saving Invincible, and hopefully this will get us to the point of eventually getting rid of those damn Villtiamites (Not speeling well sorry). They are really pissing me off and I really want to see someone waste them!!


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