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It came from outer space–and Invincible was completely unprepared.

Get ready for another classic beat down in the grand Invincible fashion–but what does this have to do with The Viltrumites?

art / cover RYAN OTTLEY

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  1. I can’t wait to see what Kirkman is planning with Invincible’s teaming up with Dinosaurus.

  2. I think with this series, I’ll probably stop getting it monthly, and just get the trades. It’s much cheaper, and I haven’t loved this lately.

    • Funny, I’ve lost steam with TPs. There are like a thousand of them. So I was thinking of jumping back on issue to see if I could find my love again… I guess it’s getting a little stale. Great book, just really long unending good

  3. Hell yes, I can’t wait

  4. Awesome! Ottley rules!

  5. Wow this was one of the best issues of Invincible in quite awhile! Is it just me or does Ottley’s art keep getting better some of the lighting in the first of the issue was jaw dropping. I can’t wait to see what happens, this whole new development is great! 5/5 and most likely my pick of the week once I finish my stack!

  6. This was hands down my pick of the week, I’ve never been so excited by another ending in comics.

  7. It’s official this is my POTW, after reading all my comics this was by far the best thing I read! Completely stoked for the next issue. Kirkman and Ottley are killing it!

  8. Usually when books change their status quo, I lose interest.

    I am so on board with Invincible, especially with fugitive Mark.

    Which issue will they have Mark realise that Allen’s justifications for destroying Earth are not too different to his own reasons for siding with Dinosaurus

  9. Awesome “twist.” I really Hope Freddie Mercury and Mark kick some butt; what a Team-up.

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