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Face-to-face with Universa. She came from a distant planet, wielding unimaginable power, seeking to drain our planet dry of all energy. Invincible was able to stop her. But how long can she be contained… and what can be done with her?

Story by Robert Kirkman
Art by Ryan Ottley & Fco Plasencia

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Invincible has been firing on all cylinders for ages now. One of my favourite ongoings.

  2. Yes! A new issue of the best comic on the market!! >:)

  3. Nothing can get me more excited than a fresh new issue of Invincible…not even the DC reboot.

  4. That cover is fantastic, the way Invincible reflects off her helmet is amazing. This shows why we need FCO back on colors.

  5. Jeez, when are they finally gonna reboot this dinosaur?

  6. Huzzah!

  7. Universa goes to show what I’ve always known: green chicks are hotter than blue chicks. There, I said it!

  8. It’s really refreshing to read a book that questions the main conceits of the super hero genre. Had a lotta fun with this, although the Robot/Monster Girl bits left me more befuddled than anything. I’d actually forgotten they’d disappeared.

    I wonder if it’s time to switch to trades in order to keep up with all of the tiny plot points… Advice?

    • Well, they should show Robot/Monster Girl come back the next Gaurdians of the Globe. This book is happening after that book which has not come out yet…I think.

    • @Jollyoby, yeah, that was supposed to have finished before the Invincible War ended, so it is really delayed, so we have to wait for that for some details. But this issue was great, Mark is really growing, and it’s nice to see him turn villains into allies. Pick of the week.

  9. great issue, i’m really liking these chill moments after the big viltrumite war, and kinda glad to see that atom eve is gonna be losing the weight lol i wouldn’t give a crap otherwise, but i have a thing for red heads and she was my fav one in comics!

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