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Invincible continues making up for lost time while he was out in space fighting The Viltrumite War. His efforts bring him face-to-face with PowerPlex, who still blames Invincible for the death of his wife and son. The thing is, these days Invincible has plenty to be angry about as well, so things are about to get intense!


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  1. Ottley’s art has never wavered. Seriously man, this guy needs to be given a shot at being a super star. Planscencia is great too.

  2. Explain “given a shot?”

    Every time Invincible comes out I subtract that from whatever number of issues left need to be shipped before a trade. Ottley, Kirkman, Plascencia, all titans of comics. 

  3. I remember that issue where Kirkman cooked the wife and kids, that was messed up lol

  4. @AmirCat  Yeah, I hope you don’t mean he should go to Marvel or Dc when you say “given a shot”. this is where he wants to be, and this is where he should be.

  5. This is the best superhero comic out there. I only wish as many people read this as they did the uninspired superhero books Marvel and DC put out on a weekly basis.

  6. Invincible has never not been awesome.

    So awesome that it drives me to double negatives…

  7. I fear the day when Ottley is no longer doing the art on Invincible.

    @Thechangingman  Agreed. 

  8. Ottley is made for this book, we can all agree. However, I also agree that I’d love to see him on something else as well. Stretch his legs, as it were.

  9. @OttoBott  – Spiderman

  10. @Thechangingman  Kirkman has said Inivncible does better than most Marvel books in trade, so while the issues may not be as big, the trades more than make up for it.

  11. @AmirCat  I haven’t read a Spiderman comic that has been better then Invincible. Maybe as good, but not better. 

  12. @Suicidalkangarooz  I can’t argue with that, I buy single issues AND the trades when they come out.

  13. Ottley would be so wasted on Spider-Man.

  14. @OttoBott  – he’ll make it better. Plus more people need to know him. Its really for the benefit of the public …

  15. ok was it just me, or was there something off about the art? not bad, but slightly different than it was before

  16. And so begins the new-guy-in-invincible’s-costume story…

  17. See, Kirkman sets you up to think there’s going to be a knock-down drag-out fight… Then turns it all around on you. THere was nothing as awesome in this issue as the ending of #80 or the revelarion in #79, but I think I like where we’re going with this…

  18. loved the walking dead reference

  19. I really didn’t like the colouring in this issue, Ryan Ottley has some of the best line work out there and everything the colourist was doing was competing with it.

  20. The art was super crappy this week.  I kept having to check back to the beginning of the book to see if it was really Ottley pencilling it.  Weird anatomy and facial work everywhere.

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