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Hellbent on righting what he sees as wrong in the world he comes face-to-face with Invincible and the result is devastating.


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  1. This was a pretty good issue (it popped up on Comixology last week for a bit). Ottley is a lot more better at depicting Eve as overweight.

  2. I apologize for the terrible grammar in the above post. 

  3. Yeah this was out last week on the iPad and was good stuff. Not sure why it’s miss posted for this week

  4. I can’t wait for this. This is my all time favorite series and I’m so happy to be finally reading this on issues. This is my second issue and I love it! 🙂

  5. There is almost nothing better than an issue of Invincible featuring dinosaurus

  6. @Suicidalkangarooz  I have just caught up to issues also and also second regular issue.  Feels good to get there.  My favorite superhero comic by far!

  7. Battle Beast has been gone for a while. Kirkman should put him into the mix sometime soon.

  8. Isn’t Battle Beast dead?

  9. @HailScott  He was a major character in the Viltrumite War a few issues back, so he’s been around. @OttoBott  I’m not sure if he’s dead, he was just knocked away, we never saw him die. He’s really strong so I’m sure he’s still alive.

  10. @Suicidalkangarooz  That’s likely. *spoilers* When King-Whatshisname grabbed him, it looked like his neck was broken, but maybe that was just his jaw. Or maybe a broken neck can’t kill Battle Beast. Either is pretty likely. */spoilers*

  11. I just thought Battle Beast died. *spoilers: when they are going for the final battle he is flying in space with breather mask on.  Then they fight and the planet is blown up nest time you see he is fighting with no mask.  I just thought since there was no ship or planet to go to he died in space. /spoiler*  could be wrong and would love for him to come back, he be crazy.

  12. @Jollyboy  well he can breath in space for a while, back when he was found in the Viltrumite prison, he fought one in space, and later in the beginning of the war, they found him frozen in space, still alive somehow. He is tough, I’m sure he’ll turn up again. There will be an upcoming two issue arc drawn by Cory Walker where Nolan goes back to Telescria, to check up on Olvier, or probably live there, which makes more sense than living on Earth. We’ll probably find out whether Battle Beast is alive or not there.

  13. @Suicidalkangarooz  Forgot about him being found in space, yeah.  Well then I’m sure we’ll see him at some time, he’s very hard to kill.  Thanks for the info on those upcoming issues, something more to look forward to.  Love Oliver and would like to see what he’s up to.

  14. @Suicidalkangarooz  Impressive! You are now the official Invincible go-to guy on this site. I forgot about all of that stuff. Thanks for the fill-ins!

  15. Kirkman just zinged DC pretty significantly.

  16. So good! 

    There was a page I did not like, though.

  17. Yep. That was another great issue.  Always suprises me and makes me remember why it’s my favorite.

  18. I really enjoyed this issue, but that renumbering bit really kinda rubbed me the wrong way.
    I mean, come on, is the act of renumbering always so one-dimensionally dishonorable that one can reasonably equate it with a company having a lack of integrity? 

    I love “Invincible”, but the moment in which that conversation took place really pulled me out of the book. 🙁 

  19. Just keeps getting better.

  20. Wow.  This might be one of Ryan Ottley’s best issues.  So many great facial expressions, little visual gags, and some great action stuff as well.  

    The coloring was lightyears ahead of last issue, but it could still be better.  Too many things look too shiny to me.

  21. @HailScott  HAH I’m cool with that, this is my favorite book. This was a great issue. I just feel really sad for Art.

  22. @ShonenRafa77  I too get annoyed with the renumbering of titles, but both Marvel and DC does it, not sure if he was referring to one of them specifically.  Even so, I think going so far as to saying a company’s integrity is in question is a little far-fetched, but some of the renumbering have been bad decisions, like with Wonder Woman for example.

    Gettin a kick outta how Ottley’s gotta draw Eve all fat now.

  23. @ShonenRafa77  Well, in that same page he made fun of his own stance “On time in 09”, so he’s not trying to act all high and mighty.

  24. I loved the commentary on number 1s in the issue.  Really gave me a good laugh lol

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