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Invincible is stranded on an alien planet, clinging to life, left battered and broken from his battle with Conquest. Nolan and Oliver stay behind to nurse him back to health, but meanwhile, out in space, the war rages on.


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  1. I hope this shows up at my Dutch comic shop, the last issue never came in.

  2. 3 things Ottley draws best:


    The Viltrumite War has it all!

  3. @jwaesch don’t forget having vitrulmites smashing into various objects and choreographing blood splatter

  4. So far I haven’t seen anything that Ottley doesn’t draw well

  5. The big question for me: is Conquest really dead this time? If so, it would be an interesting twist to have him die so early in the war…I figured he’d be the main villain.

  6. If Omni-Man does not take his head clean off, just to be certain, he is an (even more) irresponsible father.

    But I have really enjoyed Conquest, and he will be missed.  Eye scar and robo-arm are awesome.

  7. @MisterJ: I bet even if they removed COnquest’s head, he still wouldn’t end. Notable because Angstorm (sp?) could bring another one(if not more) into that Dimention.


    Good Lord, think of it, the Conquest War! 

  8. @JoeCom-Right after he gets done kicking Cecil’s ass!  Then Angstrom can build a Conquest/Cecil hybrid.  He can call it Ce-Quest

  9. @joecom – Between Usagi Yojimbo comments and Conquest ideas, you could blow minds for a living!

    thank you sir.

  10. @Jwaesch: No prob man.

    If only I had the talent to draw, could make comic that would blow you mind (or at lest a few issue that would) 

  11. @mister J: that would be one scary Mo-Fo, even more so if he had a Two-Face thing going on.

  12. Fantastic issue. Just well done. I loves me some Allen the Alien! :-p Nolan and Oliver’s relationship was well handled here. So will we be calling this the issue where everyone grows beards? 5/5

  13. I loved the last two issues so much, I’m trade-waiting, as I’ll want this on my shelf for multiple re-reads. If you love superheroes and you’re not reading Invincible, you’re kind of missing the point.

  14. Great issue.  I can’t wait to see Battle Beast in action.  He’s such a bad ass. 

  15. It is completely ridiculous that so much of the entire Invincible series is great, and the rest is only really good.

    Also, we still did not see Conquest’s irrefutably dead body.  Just sayin…

  16. I wouldn’t mind Conquest coming back. He’s a great villain that you just love to hate.

  17. This was my first issue and I like it a lot.  It wasn’t as hard getting into it as I assumed it would be.

    Is it always this heavy on the sci-fi or is that becasue of this Viltrumite War thing?

  18. Does the viltrimite leader guy look like freddy mercury or is it just me?

  19. @DarthDuck

    There are sci-fi elements now and then, but there is although a lot of superhero stuff going on usually. So it’s mostly because of the Viltrumite War, but there have been sci-fi arcs before that.

  20. Thanks.  I didn’t have a problem with the sci-fi at all, it just caught me by surprise.

  21. @Gramercy: I can see, but he is no where nere as Awesome looking.

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