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Invincible finds himself faced against the combined might of the Sequid legions! Is he willing to do what must be done in order to save the world — and will this event push him over the edge or bring him back from it?


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  1. Wow, this threat has taken quite some time to manifest itself.

  2. All the better when it finally does.

  3. Looking forward to this. It has been really enjoyable watching how Ottley’s art keeps getting better and better with every issue.

  4. For some reason this issue feels like it’s been unreleased for forever but I’ll bet it’s going to be AWESOME l:D

  5. @hailscott: Couldn’t agree more.  I’m always amazed with every issue.  My goal in life is to get an Ottley sketch (not my only goal, one of many)

  6. I love this book, its like comfort food. No nutrient, but you can’t get enough of it.

  7. tsk. tsk. 2010 Starts with a Kirkman book not on-time 😉 Ah well, he kept it up for a whole year, although we DID get that Atom Eve and Rex Splode final issue in Jan, so HEY ‘t’sall good. Can’t wait for this issue though

  8. @LukeB – we could still get 12 issue in 2010, I figure Ottley was overworked with doing this and Haunt, but he’s done with Haunt now so hopefully things will get back on track.

  9. @rockingeek I quite agree, each month I idly toy with dropping it and then I read it and remember that it’s brilliant.  And then I forget again.  And then I remember again.  Maybe I’m just fickle.

  10. Ottley may still be overworked, the viltrumite war will be jawdropping but taxing when it comes to the art duties

  11. @skeets Yeh, fingers crossed eh, sucks that he can’t do Haunt anymore, it’s an awesome book, all the more for Ottley’s art, but I’d rather have as much Invincible any day 🙂

  12. Oh Boy! I’m on trades, but this culmination of plot threads may force me to jump to issues. 

  13. Poor Mark.  He’s going to have a mental breakdown at this rate.  He needs to get his head straight because the Viltrumite War is coming.

  14. I like the human elements introduced with Mark.  I’d be going fucking crazy at this point as well.  Or maybe I’m already crazy…

  15. @anyone did you guys notice that Walter from Big Libowski was in the background towards the middle of the book?

  16. Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know when Invincible: The Ultimate Collection Volume 5 will ship ? I was so late to Invincible that I’m not just trade-waiting, I’m Ultimate-Collection-waiting. I need more hardcover Invincible!

  17. Ottleys art is amazing, and always improves…As for the story i feel like i dont love it like i used to, but its still pretty solid..

  18. @vadamowens: that wasn’t Walter it was Robert Kirkman. They look very similar

  19. @ed huh?  It looks like an exact caricature of Walter.  Are you sure?

  20. @Vadamowens: not 100%. I’ll have another look. Kirkman and Wlater are very similar which is very funny

  21. Ottley always puts in cameos. It was Walter. He is dressed exactly like him. Whenever Ottley draws Kirkman, he usually just draws him in regular shirt and pants.

  22. Yeah, that is walter but The Dude is standing right next to him too.


    why would you mention Walter but not The Dude? 

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