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  1. Hope they tell us how Eve did both of the things that she did.

  2. who died agian?

  3. The only one I remember is Rexplode.

  4. if my girlfriend’s ex died i would dance a little dance

  5. Kirkman did a nice job of throwing off our plot guesses with this cover and the solicitation that accompanied it

  6. This should be pretty good. Hopefully it’s a breather issue where we can get a more clear idea of what’s going on, what’s happening, and what’s going to be happening.

  7. More nude Atom Eve please!!!!!!

  8. @Mister J: They do. A preview is up on CBR.

  9. Good issue. Ton of stuff set up.

  10. Loved this issue.

    What I really liked was the letter page.  The letters all were in response to what happened with Atom Eve.  Kirkman’s responses to the all the angry writers were fantastic.  If you get the chance it is a fun couple text pages to top off a good book.

  11. I love the fact that she made her boobs bigger.  Hilarious

  12. All of the complaints in the letters pages are amusing.

  13. Classic Invinsible.

  14. I liked this (it leans towards 3 for me, but I went with a 4 rating) but I’m really starting to feel like excuses are being made to draw Atom Eve naked and now more… endowed, shall we say. I prefer to keep my Invinsible and my cheesecake separate.

  15. Even though this was a bit of a storyline wrap-up and a mid-arc lull, it was superb.  I probably even enjoyed it more than the Conquest fight itself (which gave me a huge chubby.)

    Ottley’s art continues to put it where it doesn’t belong (in the butt.)

     And just to wrap up a comment full of such innuendo, how could you not love a guy that uses super-hero tropes to increase the boob size of one of the major characters? Pimp, Kirkman… pimp.

    Now I’m off to get laid, because I obviously have some things on my mind at the moment.

  16. Sold out near me.

    Happens one more time and Imma drop this.

  17. I give this a hesitant 4/5, as I wasn’t really certain how I felt about this. I felt like Atom Eve’s explanation was lame, and the "YOU SHOWED INVINCIBLE A MODEL?!" was really, really contrived. However, I felt the stuff with Invincible’s Mom, and the whole funeral scene were really well done. I saw the end coming from a million miles a way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t good. Interested to see where things go from here on out. I think the VILTRUMITE WAR arc will be the make or break for a lot of people. 4/5.

  18. @ MarkS . sold out near you so you are thinking of dropping it? sounds to me like you need to go to a new comic book store? Additionally you may want to reserve a copy ahead of time…..

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