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  1. Love that this book’s coming out regularly. So fun. 

  2. Agreed, perhaps the pace won’t seem quite so glacial with this improved regularity.

  3. I’ve enjoyed the pace in the last two issues.  The few issues following the costume change were a bit slow, but now its definitly speeding up. 

    I just hope they keep Oliver’s involvement to a minimum this issue

  4. This book’s been better than ever lately.  Hope Eve isn’t the "person close to Invincible" and if she is that she doesn’t die…

  5. Wish the 4th Hardcover would come out so I could read this and not just buy it. I might have to get over my hatred of trade paperbacks… 🙁

  6. The last couple issues have been stand alone stories.  How is this any different?

  7. I still think the new costume sucks…. not as much as Kid-Omni-Boy’s….but still…

  8. I hope this isn’t one of those issues where something shocking is on the front, "Can Invincible murder someone" for example, only to open the issue and find out that he can’t. I really hope Kirkman really goes a little crazy in this one…

  9. the preview for this issue looked amazing.. should be fun, as always

  10. "..can Invincible be driven to MURDER?" Yes. He’s already killed a few people as it is…

  11. @J4K3
    "He’s already killed a few people as it is…"

    but if I’m not mistaken, he’s killed in different circumstances such as with his family’s lives at stake (the incident w/ the doctor guy w/ the multiples of himself that got messed up is the only one that comes to mind). Perhaps this is a situation where he acts in vengeance after the fact, in a more calculating manner, which makes the difference between murder and killing in another regard.

  12. should have had a booty call w/ Amber

  13. Damn, Wya is really making a woman out of Eve.  I can’t help but stare at her for just a tad longer than I used to. 

    Great issue.  I love Kirkman’s character moments.  I still hate Oliver though, that little bitch

  14. I love Oliver.

    "Are you bipolar or what?!"

  15. Did Invincible always had the ability to convince or confuse people like in this issue? Or was the guy just confused because he was thrown against the wall?

  16. Nothing really revolutionary occurs in my opinion but with that said we see a consistantly entertaining and well drawn series that you have come to expect if you are a fan of the series.  Not a good jumping on point but for fans of the series another solid issue.

  17. I had some problems with this issue too. I wish we could have seen more of Oliver’s solo adventure. And I really didn’t feel Invincible’s anger and rage like I know I was supposed to. That said this is still one of the best comics on the market today.

  18. The reveal on Amber’s face made my jaw drop. I thought, "Oh SH!T. Somebodies gonna get Effed UP!"

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