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  1. I feel much better after reading this solicit.  Last issue was borderline painful, I’m glad we’re getting back to the Viltrumite plot

  2. Last issue was cool but this one looks realy sweet

  3. This plot line is very intresting to me.  I can’t wait.

  4. Last issue was awesome!  Not sure what you guys were reading 😛

    Yeah, hopefully this will enclude some interesting developements, not to mention some sweet blood and guts as only Ottley can draw it!

  5. Fighty fighty fight fight!  Bloody bloody blood blood!

  6. How awesome is it that this book is coming out on time?

  7. long time coming!  thought kirkman would do this story arc around and including 50th issue!

  8. On time??  More than on time!!  Every issue feels like its been at most 3 weeks after the last.  I love it!

    @UncleBob-Although it starts at this issue, I am sure Kirkman will drag out this story for quite a while and I don’t mean "drag out" in a negative way.  The way this has been building since the beginning, it would be a shame to have him end it in a measly 6 issues.  But I could be wrong.

  9. I’m more interested in what’s happening with Cecil and the government.  The end of #50 really made it look like all hell was going to break loose on Invincible but it’s been quiet on that front since.

  10. Ahahahah! its on time! So sweet

  11. Yay for this book. 

  12. Yeah, I was kind of bored by the last issue too, but at the same time, I see its place in the overall story.  But yes, YES, let us do this story now.

  13. Sweet! I forgoy about this plot thread! Looking forward to Allen the Alien again.

  14. I want work to end so I can go home and read this already!!!! AHHHH the insanity!

  15. holy crap i love this book. when allen and nolan reared back to punch, i had to take a breath because i knew some shit was going down when i flipped the page.

    such a well-made book on every level.

  16. wow…this was amazing!  Easily the best issue in a long long time.  And that reveal at the end!??!?!!?  Oh snap its a doozy.  I heart Invincible >__<

  17. This was fantastic.  We need more papa and Allen and we need them now.

  18. Yeeeeeees



    The art was amazing.  The story was great.   Kirkman just does great comics. 

  19. How many consecutive issues has Ottley drawn some of the goriest shit ever printed?  At least 3 right?  Great issue

  20. "How Strong Are you?"



  21. I love the sheer size of Allen’s muscles now.  He looks so crazy.


    Oh, and Battle Beast made me orgasm

  22. i have great love for Allen the Alien. 

  23. @ TehDave . Exactly. I yelled out YESS!!! when I saw that. I’ve been waiting for this issue forever. I kept asking when the hell we gonna see more of Allen!? We got it, and this was epic.

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