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  1. Is it just me, or is this book coming out all the time now? I feel like #53 just came out.

  2. Agreed.  Guess Kirkman is ramping up for the monthly shipping in 2009.

  3. Good for hin.

  4. Yeah, he made a big announcement a month back or so.  Every one of his books will ship on time this year, his personal Kirkman guarantee!!  Will he stick to it?  Who knows.  For now he is, and that has me jumping for joy.  I hope Mark beats the crap out of those super gay twins

  5. @drakedangerz The secret behind that announcement, which he hinted at in his letter column, and which he made another announcement for later, was that he now has an editor. An editor who in addition to greatly reducing kirkman’s workoad, will also be on kirkman to make sure everything comes out on time. I think that was a good move for an indie book as popular as invincible.

    Also, fight master and drop kick are two characters I have been most eagerly anticipating. 

  6. Thank you ifanboy for introducing me to this book.

  7. @NealAppeal-Yeah, I know he got an editor.  I am a proud member of the Kirkmaniacs


    Who??? I think I missed something. Where did these guys show up before?

  9. @J4K3- Yeah, you missed something.  Go back to the issue with Multi-paul and Rex-splode on the cover.  It’s pretty hard to miss these two fruit bats.


    😀 😀 😀

  11. @drakedangerz – A number  would have been more helpful…

  12. @J4K3-Your a big boy, plus you can look at the Invincible page on this website and look for the cover I’m talking about

  13. @J4k2 I tried to search google to figure out which issue, and I just ended up finding my own comment further up on this page. Weird. Anyway, the issue you’re after is 46.

  14. This was so damn sweet. Kirkman, you romantic, you.

  15. Can you feel the love tonight?  I sure as hell did.  WyA and FCO rocked the hell out of this book.  Kudos and hopefully we never see those fruit basket twins ever again

  16. @Drakedangerz I hope for a long plot involving Fightmaster and Drop Kick, and a few issues focusing solely on them. And I think we’ll get it. Because we haven’t seen them fighting much or drop kicking things. Plus, if you have characters with a TIME SCOOTER, you damn well better use them.

  17. @NealAppeal-are you serious?  Do you really want to see those guys again?  I have a feeling not even Kirkman wants them there.  If I recall, he didn’t even mention them by name in the issue, THATS how weak those characters are.  They were good for a laugh when Mark bullies them around, but other than that they have nothing vaulable to contribute to the series.  I hope they crash their time scooter into a time wall and die

  18. I don’t think we will see Fightmaster and Drop Kick for some time.  They were used so Invincible could hear what he becomes in the future, the thing he fears most, to push the current storyline with his brother.

  19. I don’t think he becomes what he fears the most. Immortal does, but not Mark. It seems like Mark is now developing a "f**k it" attitude (or as some call it – the ‘itis), and ultimately that contributes to him leaving earth in the future.

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