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  1. This thing finally ships and it’s 4.99 …. =/

  2. It’s 48 pages.

  3. plus look at the awesome cover

  4. plus science dog back-up story

  5. Having never read invincible, would it be a stupid idea to pick this up?  i’ve got 1 book on my pull list

  6. @cutty probably not the worst time to pick up invincible. This issue is going to set up the new status quo. The trades and hardcovers are a better introduction to the series, which I definetly recomend, but I don’t see why you still couldn’t get plenty of enjoyment out of this issue. Anyway, my rule of thumb is when in doubt, give it a shot.

  7. About damn time! I’ve been reading this in single issues since #38 but am reading the hardcovers, as well. I just started Vol. 2 so have Invincible on the brain…this should be pretty good.

  8. new comics day can not come quick enough for this book

  9. Yesssssssssssssss

  10. That cover is so wicked! This is gonna be great, Kirkman really knows his stuff.

  11. I have never read Invincible before but I hear its awsome so i read a few preview pages at and i was blown away. Immediatly top of my list for the week. The artwork looks amazing too.

  12. The wait was sooo worth it!! This issue is full of fresh baked comicbooky goodness from Grandpa Kirkman’s kitchen of kick ass.

  13. The main story was great, but I totally was bummed when I’m exactly halfway through the book and all thats left are the backups – Not my idea of a $5 book.

  14. As much as I liked the main story and the backups, I’ve got to agree with you adrian.  While it’s hard for me to justify an argument where the backups would have been a standalone issue (because that would have extracted another $1 from me), I was pretty annoyed that we waited all this time, and had to fork an extra $2 for what was a regular sized advancement of the main story.  I’m not THAT miffed, but it is an obnoxious practice.

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