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  1. Haha hey I remember this book!

  2. I THINK i picked up 1-3 , but hell I can’t even remember now.

  3. Something… seems… familiar.

  4. Dropped.

  5. i forgot this was even on my pull list, but i do remember enjoying the previous three im going to stick with it. Why are you dropping it conor story, lateness or both?

  6. This was one of my absolute favorite series…I am keeping my fingers crossed that the book actually arrives in the store.  And I’d imagine at a minimum Conor is going to wait for the trade at this point, although even I can understand why this book’s scheduling problems would force even the most patient readers to push the permanent "eject" button.

    BUT…this series is really great and really unique.  We must cherish and nurture it so that it reaches issue #6.  LOVING THIS BOOK!  If it was just Captain Superdude or something I’d have dropped, but this book is really special.  Image comics can be really innovative.

  7. Holy crap! I was just complaining about this book not wrapping up just the other wekk.  I would love to say "I’m Done" because it was late but the story was good enough that I’m just going to have to finish.  I know, Iknow, I’m what’s wrong with the industry.

  8. @JoeNY: Lateness causing me to not care about the story anymore.  I might give it a look in trade later.

  9. What annoyed me the most about this book (I love it and have been searching for info about the series) is the fact that there was nothing in the book to help us out. Come on, its been a year! How bout a recap page? Maybe a page at the end that explains why the hell I’ve been waiting for a year! Throw me a bone. I want to support the artists that are doing good work that is outside the normal formula foder that so many books turn into. I hate supporting late books. Speaking of which where is halo uprising 4. Oh wait I know. Who cares!

  10. who cares about lateness when the book is as good as this book is. no recap page? read the first three issues again. you’ll be happy you did b/c they are awesome. PICK OF THE WEEK.

  11. @JesseG – reread the first three like you…just incredibly brilliant, I find the Captain and his wife two of the most compelling characters I’ve read in  a while.  Issue #3 was a little odd, tho, as it went more scifi than the first two.  But this series is great.  No #4 at my LCS, but it is coming.

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