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  1. I’m interested in hearing what you think of this book josh? I picked up the Muppet collection that came out by Lanridge and it was awesome! I’m wondering if all the Boom kids stuff is at that level?

  2. @ MrGlass: All Boom kids stuff is definitely not this good.  My kids love the earlier Incredibles books, so I picked up the "World of Cars" book and the story is completely inane. 

    I’m a little disappointed this has Dash hitting people since he is my 3 year old son’s role model.  I showed it to my wife to get her OK before reading it to him, and she read it all the way through, so I assume its okay. 

  3. @ Aalbatr0ss.

    It’s a tough call on the kids books because you want it to be a good story that they will enjoy, but doesn’t take them to areas you as a parent would rather they not go. My little girls favs are the power pack books that marvel had put out recently and the Millar superman adventures stuff.

  4. The INCREDIBLES books are definitely the crown jewel of the BOOM KIDS line, along with the CARS books. I’d recommend picking this up to give to any child. I can’t recommend any of the others, but I’ve heard great things about all the MUPPET stuff. BOOM, as I’ve said before, is definitely breaking new ground and doing some great things with this line.

    I felt this was kind of a disappointment, though. Nothing was wrong with it, per se, it just didn’t capture the magic the way I feel the other INCREDIBLES titled had. Still, 4/5.

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