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See the Hulk as you’ve never seen him before: as an international super-spy! With Amadeus Cho as his guide, Hulk dons a tuxedo and enters into a world of espionage, only to find his opponent is…Red She-Hulk? And what happens when Betty finds a new man? Hint: it doesn’t really go over that well…especially when that man is one of the Hulk’s oldest foes!

Story by Greg Pak
Art by Tom Grummett & Cory Hamscher
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Cover by Jock

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. This sounds potentially very odd. I like odd.

  2. Stupid Pak and his intriguing premises!  I might actually pick this one up.

  3. How long has Tom Grummett been on art?! I’m there!

  4. I don’t read this but the cover is fantastic.  I bet the fitting wasn’t fun.

  5. @bigsime22  Grummett hasn’t been on art, this is his first issue and DAMN I’m excited.

  6. Sounded good until the word Red She-Hulk…when will this end!

  7. Once published Red She-Hulk can’t be unpublished. They made her Betty Banner, so we are not getting rid of her completely ever. I just want A-Bomb to go.

  8. Yes YES. This sounds awesome.

  9. Once this reverts back to Hulk only & Grummett on art I am there. Cannot stand a bomb & all those other clones

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