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The old wounds of World War Hulk reopen as The Incredible Hulk confronts his wife’s killer, and the Savage Land will tremble! In the slaughterhouse of Planet Sakaar’s gladiatorial arenas, the Hulk and his Warbound companions swore to stand forever at each others’ sides. Now, alongside Ka-Zar and Hulk’s son Skaar, that oath faces its final test. Will their great bond end in rout or redemption?

ART BY Dale Eaglesham & Andrew Hennesy
COLORS BY Dean White
COVER BY Dale Eaglesham, Andrew Hennesy, Dale Keown & Peter Steigerwald

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I hope the colors improve this issue, for me they ruined Eaglesham’s art last time.

    Also FWIW – Hulk is not a three book a month character. I am not sure he can hold two books a month. I love Hulk a living raging id, it is one of the few books I have collected for over 25 years (yikes) but when I look at my budget every month and where I can make cuts… This book is still doing solidly on the sales front (top 50 book twice a month), but it clearly appears to be fading, which is clearly why Marvel dropped it back down to $2.99. C’mon Marvel, more quality less often please.

  2. @JimBilly4  Yeah, maybe if they went to one issue a month, the artists would be more consistent.  It’s been musical chairs more often than not.  This issue was great btw.

  3. I liked this issue but it’s the first one I read and I came into it cold so I was fairly confused (the hulk has a son?). It’s part of my new try some stuff at random phase I started this week

  4. is this the same Hulk that interacts with Red Hulk?

  5. I don’t know, insect swarms are hard to overcome.

  6. Colors better than last issue. I think they lightened them a bit. I still don’t like them, but now I think it falls more into a style cvhoice. I do love Planet Hulk and this is a solid call back to it, so I am enjoying it. Could do without the Skaar daddy stuff, though. I know they had a relationaship breakthrough, but his change to a clingy kid is… off putting at best.

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