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  1. Has anyone else felt that this is good in parts but then makes no sense half the time making large jumps in the story causing holes to form

  2. @GMan – That’s the dynamic with Pak and Van Lente.  I think it’s the Van Lente.

    That’s what you get in Inc Herc. too.  1 issue good, 1 issue bad.  I think it was the Van Lente then too.  Script trading.

  3. I don’t think Van Lente is writing the main Hulk story just the backup. Last issue was the best issue of the three. I’m basically picking this up for the She-Hulk story, but I’m off it when this first arc finishes up. I can’t justify buying a book for the 10 page backup.

  4. I’m intrigued with the Hulk story.  Tryin to figure out what’s Banner’s motivation in "training" Skaar.  I don’t believe he’s doing it to kill Hulk the next time he turns into him.  I’m thinking he wants to use Skaar to go after Red Hulk.

  5. @Guardedmarman ok, I see what you’re saying.  Where the hell did Marlo Chandler come from?  How did she become a harpy?  

  6. This is really good and really terrible. Usually in the same issue.

  7. no comic reads quicker. I am done with this, see you in trades (maybe).

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