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  1. New Mark Waid….and in the world of Irredeemable! Oh, man, too excited for words.

  2. I was semi-interested in this until I read that it was set in the Irredeemable universe… that book just isn’t for me.

  3. @FraggleUprising   Amen sir!

  4. Ok so I’m gonna come clean and say I have not read any issues of Irredeemable. No particular reason, but i think the whole superhero turning evil thing just doesnt intrest me. But a supervillain turning good? Now that sounds kind of cool. And I read an Interview with Mark Waid a few months back saying you didnt neccesarily have to be reading Ireedemable to enjoy this so I’m gonna give this a shot 

  5. my "looking forward to book of the week"

  6. I never gave Irredeemable a chance- maybe b/c I was reading The Mighty and it seemed too similar- but this sounds like an interesting twist. I’m in for the first few at least.

  7. JUST ONCE! just once i want to walk away from an explosion

  8. @edward do it man. Get some fireworks and go out to a field with some friends and a camera and blow something up. Make the video a slow mo slice of awesome. It will be the best day ever.

  9. @RoiVampire: Now, see, if had this kind of support as a child i think i could have really pushed the boundries of advanced stupidity and disregard for self safety

  10. I’ve only read the first irredemable but I’m gonna buy this in issue.

  11. This is more my cup of tea than Irredeemable which I’ve been loving.

  12. For all the hype, Irredeemable has honestly been just "ok", it finally picked up the latest issue…. That ok-ness is making me not really care too much to pull the trigger on this. 

  13. I just got the first Irredeemable trade. Amazing.

  14. Irredeemable is great so hopefully this will be more of the same

  15. I have never read irredeemable but the universe sounds really cool, so I am on board with this.

  16. @edward That’s what I’m here for man. Support. Let’s go build a fort and make homemade Wolverine claws. Best day ever!

  17. If he really was Incorruptible he wouldn’t have been a villain in the first place

  18. @Wulfstone: hmm, i think you have to let that go if you want to enjoy the book

  19. @wulfstone

     Not really. 

  20. Villains aren’t corrupt, just misunderstood.

  21. @HailScott – I was your mirror opposite and didn’t read Mighty for the same reasons.  But I’m planning on getting that in trade when it comes out.

  22. Good book and concept but too many splash pages stop it being a 4 or 5 star book

  23. While I’m still excited about it, I will be comparing this to Brubaker’s Incognito.

  24. @AmirCat: Why? They aren’t anything alike.

  25. @Conor: umm, they are kind of similar

  26. @edwardr: No, they’re not. They are no more similar than any other two random super hero comics who feature super heroes who fight crime.

  27. The art was terribly inconsistent here. Other than that, I quite enjoyed it.




  28. This actually seemed more interesting to me than the last few issues of irredeemable.  But another 3.99 book in the current event driven world might be too much for me, seriously did you see the volume of new books that came out this week?  I purposely only bought a handful till I can hit another store here that offers 30% of new Marvel and DC.

  29. @Conor: dude, really?  what about the conceit of a bad guy becoming a hero?

  30. @edward: I would even argue that the guy in INCOGNITO wasn’t a hero, he was just bored.

  31. @Conor: i see what you mean. if that were true i would be the world’s great hero… but not really

  32. Eh. One’s about a bad guy who got dragged into being a hero where the other is the bad guy changing on his own.

  33. i pretty sure at one point in Incognito Zack choose to be good. I mean, like, 99.9% sure.

    the difference is this series begins were Incognito ends. NEXT!

  34. I agree with Luke about the #of splash pages. Not to get into the whole "$3.99" thing yet again, but I felt a bit ripped off. It took about 90 seconds to read the damn thing- it seemed like a series of big pictures. Now, compare that to the new Locke and Key- same number of pages, same price, but it took its time, and I had the chance to get caught up in the story. That being said, I’m interested in the general premise of Incorruptible, but there needs to be more meat in it.

  35. Yeah I agree. A lot of splash pages. And do they REALLY have to hammer home that this is set in the Irredeemable universe every other page? The characters mention the Plutonian about 5 times. We get it already.


    I think what makes Irredeemable (sp?) work so well is it’s dark/nasty edge. That’s the hook. This book has a completely different vibe.. I guess I wasn’t expecting that. I’ll stick around for the first arc and see where it goes. 

  36. @corpseed  I didn’t mind the Plutonian mentions. with all the destruction he caused it would be a hot topic of conversation. Think about how much people have talked about Tiger Woods recently and all he did was sleep around.

  37. I don’t see the connection between the Plutonian going bad and not wanting to screw your under-age girlfriend. I see how it could turn you off of being a super-villain, but under-age girlfriends are universally loved by all, villains and superheroes alike.

  38. I’m interested in this world but as said before the amount of splash pages and the price didn’t make me feel like I got my monies worth. I’m sticking around though because I like this universe.

  39. This is a drop for me.  All because of the art which really sucked.  The worst was how they had to keep telling us how the girl was underage…but you had no clue of that from the art at all.

    Too bad, because the story was good.  Maybe you splash page haters are missing what you really didn’t like…big splash pages with boring or bad art.

  40. I actually thought the art was pretty solid. If not for the spareseness, I’d probably give this a 5, but alas…4/5.

  41. I enjoyed that art but there is a point i didn’t think Jailbait looked underage.

  42. jesus, this was a quick read. what the fugde happened? was this even a story? it felt like half a book.

     however, i do like that convention in fiction where a really bad person has to interact with pedantic politically correct socity. because that shit is hell. it’s not the decision to be good, it’s putting up with everything else that causes drama

  43. You use of the word fugde makes your second paragraph that much funnier!  Am praying you don’t also like the convention where annoying PC forum members drive a really bad person to kill everyone.


  44. @Urthona: exactly, it’s the kind of dude that would point out a typo that makes you want to blow your brains out, hey?

  45. I actually was referencing you not saying fuck for pc’s sake, not the spelling..!  I’m a pretentious twit, not an a**hole.

  46. ah!

  47. The art on this was really disappointing & the main reason why I won’t be buying any more of this. The story was OK, but nothing super impressive to me. Way too similar to Incognito … except that Incognito was good.

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