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  1. Imagine if this was written by Grant Morrison?

    "Incognito Mosquito"

  2. The delays on this are ridiculous. Oh well, it’s still my favorite ongoing comic.

  3. Looks like I’m re-reading #1 for the fourth time, issue #2 for the third time, and issue #3 for the second time…

    thank God I have the day off tomorrow

  4. @Kickass: that makes no sense. Grant morrison uses clever wordplay, not puns

    anyway, i’m really digging this book

  5. Zoey Zeppelin is Doc Samson with even better cleavage.

  6. This is not an on-going is it?

  7. I have no doubts this will be worth the wait. 😀

  8. @JJ: nah. 6 issues

  9. sorry to say this is falling just a little flat for me, so I’m hoping this issue picks up.  plus, with a preview of September’s solicits, I can’t wait for Criminal to return!

  10. Wait?? This isn’t on going???

  11. They’ve already annouced the first trade and its available for pre-order on Amazon.  It could be that Brubaker is going to do what he did with Criminal and give us a second "season" sometime down the road.

  12. I’d love to see a second season someday

  13. Don’t complain Simmons, because once the arc is done he’s doing a Criminal arc.  YES!

  14. I feel like i should be more excited about this.

  15. At my LCS this has been walking out the door,Criminal wasn’t selling anywhere near as well.While I could say several cynical things (and often do) I’ll reserve judgement and see if Criminal sells better once Incognito is done,and if so for how long.

  16. There is going to be a second "season" of Incognito after the next Criminal story arc.  It’s interesting to see that in Marvel preview solicits for September, Criminal doesn’t pick up its numbering where it left off.  Rather, it now is a mini-series, so I assume future Criminal arcs will be a series of mini-series rather than an ongoing.  I’m guessing that means that the Criminal Omnibus that Brubaker has confirmed will contain basically all the Criminal issues before Incognito began.

  17. To sum up my excitement for this issue, I’ll quote a famous scholar:

    "Giggidy, giggidy, giggidy."

  18. yeah I think I remember him saying on either Talksplode or Word Balloon that he would like to switch back and forth.  It looks like they’ve given up on making Criminal an ongoing, Incognito will probably have to be the same.

  19. Awesome I was just thinking " I hope incognito comes out this week!"…for the past 4 weeks.

  20. oohhh, gotcha, thanks for the clarification everyone.

  21. I’ve really been enjoying this series. That said, this is hardly the most "twisted supervillian tale of all time." Brubaker is going to have to do some seriously effed up ess in the next 60 pages to make that work.

  22. I will be rereading as well……sweet, but I do love this book

  23. So the Criminal HC was solicited today.  No release date yet, so probably October.  It will contain the first three trades (so 13 issues I believe), so it’s more one of Marvel’s yearly hardcovers than an omnibus.  It will however also contain the 5 page ad that they put out originally, which has never been published, plus I guess a selection of the essays (I assume they’re reprinting the old ones and not printing new ones).  So anyone wanting to catch up on Criminal has no excuses!

  24. Well like I said before, Incognito is the first stuff I have ever read from this guy so I don’t know any other stuff from him to compare it to.  Maybe that is why I’m liking it more then the rest of you.  If I had a blast with it after the six proposed issues, I might just track down some of his other stuff in trade.  You guys are all talking about Criminal being the hot shit, but I had other informants telling me Sleeper Season One is the way to go first.

    so confused…

  25. If you like the noir aspects, Criminal is definitely the way to go.  Gotham Central is also great for this.

    If you like his pulpy take on superheroes, Sleeper is great.  However there are great possibilities in his Marvel work.  For Cap, there’s the Twenty-First Century Blitz arc (collected in the Red Menace vol. 2 trade).  For Daredevil, the Devil Inside and Out vol. 2 trade has an awesome DD in Europe story.   Books of Doom, Uncanny X-Men Divided We Stand, and the first two trades of Iron Fist with Matt Fraction are all also good examples of this feel.  Bit of a tangent there, but plenty of good places to continue with Brubaker goodness.

  26. I just read the Coward Trade from the Criminal series.  It was so good.  Read the whole thing in one sitting.  I am ordering the next one as soon as I post this.  I love Eddie Bru!

  27. Had some good moments but didn’t turn my crank overall. Still enjoying it though.

  28. I thought this was by far the best issue yet of this series.  I really didn’t expect some of the directions it went in, particularly the revelations of what SOS had been up to.  I thought Zoe was a really interesting character, and their interactions exposed Zack being a lot more naive than I had thought at first.  I’ve always liked the setup on this and it’s really delivering now. 

  29. so we all know Ava Destruction is a doubl agent and working for SOS right?

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