Out of the pages of IMMORTAL IRON FIST! A handful of Marvel’s hottest writers plus an all-star roster of artists bring you IMMORTAL WEAPONS! One volume packed with six thrilling tales of Kung Fu action. Follow Fat Cobra as he uncovers the true story behind his decades of adventure. See the action unfold as Bride of Nine Spiders is forced to confront her past after a disturbing relic surfaces at an exclusive auction house. Learn the mystery of Dog Brother #1 and how he may be involved in the string of disappearing orphans in Under-City. Then it’s Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter – her beauty is legendary; her kung fu, unmatched. Now learn how one of the most gorgeous women in the world also became one of its deadliest fighters! Plus: so many questions surround the Prince of Orphans. what is his mission on Earth? What is the nature of his incredible power? And is there anyone who can defeat his kung fu? When Iron Fist joins Aman on a life-or-death mission to fight monsters and banish ghosts, Danny may learn the answers to these questions…if he survives!

Collecting IMMORTAL WEAPONS #1-5.

WRITER: Jason Aaron, Cullen Bunn, David Lapham, Rick Spears & Duane Swierczynski
PENCILS: Dan Brereton, Khari Evans, Travel Foreman, TIMOTHY GREEN, Arturo Lozzi & Mico Suayan
COVER BY: David Aja

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