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  1. More Orson Randall stories are always welcome, with Giuseppe Camuncoli pencils to boot.  Excited to pick this one up.

  2. I will pick this one up, but I had to check to make sure it was not another reprint issue. I got burned on that last one. Dang…

  3. love Orson Randall

  4. I’m debating picking this one up.  I don’t love Orson’s stories, but I love what they add to the Iron Fist legacy.  That being said, I don’t want to feel suckered into buying anything and everything that says "Iron Fist" on the cover.  Hopefully people can give this good enough praise that I will want to pick it up later this week.

  5. I’m on the fence with this, as well, primarily due to lack of funds. I’ll flip through it at the shop and see if it intrigues me enough to spend the $4 on it.

  6. This was my POW, I loved it. Art, story, action. It had it all.

  7. Why don’t I read more comics like this!?

  8. This looks like it could be great. Orson Randall in ’20’s L.A. written by the maniacal Duane Swierczynski. Buying it.

  9. I decided on the last moment to pick this us and I still can’t believe that i was going to miss out on this great issue.

    this is my pick of the week!!!

    This issue was awesome!!!!

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