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  1. Pretty excited for this story.  Hopefully it doesn’t get as many delays.  Sounds like a fun romp

  2. I’m so glad that I took a chance on this.  It’s one of my favorite books right now.

  3. For someone who doesn’t read the book (me) would this issue make any sense to me jumping in now? This week is pretty dead for me, so I’m trying out new things (don’t get any ideas, boys).

  4. @WadeWilson-Yes!!  According to Swiercynski its a great jumping on point.  Give it a shot, see if it clicks for ya!  Its a fun book fo’ sho’

  5. Yes, this is a good jumping on point. It’s the beginning of a new arc, and the last issue was a one-shot from 1000 years in the future. Swierczynski is quickly becoming a writer I’d be willing to follow around. If only he’d  dig up a middle initial so we could give him an acronym… 

  6. Amazing story.  If not for Locke & Key, would have been the pick of the week.  I love where DS (I just can’t spell that damn name of his!!) is taking this.

  7. Mini-review for this book feels the same, issue after issue:  Good story, really crappy art.

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