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  1. It has been so long since the last issue.  This is no way to keep me interested in the title after the whole creative team leaves.  Hopefully its a solid read, I need more Iron Fist in my diet

  2. I don’t think I will be sticking around after this arc.  It just hasn’t had me hooked like before, and that irks me

  3. Wow, I really didn’t know it had been 2 months.  I hope that was just a glitch, because this isn’t a book that can afford to be late on a regular basis.

    I’m really digging it, though.  In some ways, I like this story better than the previous arc. 

  4. Yeah, the story is interesting, its just taking too long.  I didn’t mind the delays before because Aja’s art was just fantastic!  But this art, to me, doesn’t warrant forgiveness for lateness. 

  5. I just bought all the IF books, and I gotta admit, they have me hooked.

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