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  1. Picked this up on a whim. I’m a big fan of Ellis’s space stuff: Ministry of Space, Ocean, Orbit. This wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but it’s very good. It does bear the hallmarks of Ellis’s writing and wish it were a little less… "adult." That’s not quite the word I want to use, but honestly I could do without the extended jokes about people defecating like rabbits and people puking on themselves. It’s the only thing souring me (however small) on this awesome Steampunk romp.

  2. i’m digging this, this is why i used to love Warren ellis so much

  3. I went back a few weeks ago and got issues #01 – #02 and I’ve been loving every minute of it.

    One thing about Ellis, love him or hate him (I’m in the former category) is that he creates worlds. Maybe not worlds so much, but cities. Of all of his books coming out right now, Doktor Sleepless, Freakangels, Ignition City, etc. they all have the same common theme of this city that you just want to explore, maybe a whole country or even a whole world in some of those books. He’s the master of creating an atmosphere.

    Highly anticipated.

  4. @kwissumb Yes! Exactly! Every one of his "one-shot" stories that mentioned above could easily be explored for years in an ongoing. This series has been so much fun, though. I too picked up 1 and 2 on a lark at my LCS about a month ago. I had wanted to try it, but it slipped my mind until it was staring at me on Free Comic Book day.

  5. Issue #1 was my first time buying an Avatar book. I’m uber happy about picking this series up. It’s good stuff.

  6. It’s really great seeing other people enjoying this series. I pretty much agree entirely with Kwisdumb as far as the world building. I actually enjoy his sense of humor, but I could see how it would be off putting. Can’t wait to see where he goes with this.

    Ellis has mentioned that he hopes to be able to do seasons of this series, releasing a new 5 issue arc once a year. That would be awesome, but his past history with late books is pretty common knowledge, so I’ll believe it when it’s in my hands. Still, this series has huge potential as an ongoing.

  7. I’m glad Ellis seems to have moved to Avatar full time (except for the always delayed Astonishing). The stuff he’s been doing here blows pretty much all of the work he had been doing at Marvel out of the water.

  8. I’m so glad I didn’t wait for the trade.  Looking forward to the next issue.

  9. Does anybody know how much longer Ellis will be writing Astonishing X-Men?  And who will be taking over for him after?

  10. @vadamowens I believe he and Bianche were signed for 24 issues, like Wheedon was (Well, he was signed for 18 and milked 6 more out of it!) so they’re not going to announce a new creative team on Astonishing for a long time.

  11. Awesome read. Sorry I put it off to bottom of my pile. Looking forward to the next installment. I hope that seasonal thing works out. 4/5 for me. The Best Ellis I’ve read since NextWave. 

  12. 5/5 here. Not the best issue of the series, but certainly a fantastic issue and I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

  13. Sorry, this blew.  Beautifully illustrated, no doubt, but there’s really nothing here.  I’ve wasted my last buck on a Warren Ellis comic.

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