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• “RISE OF THE VAMPIRES” aftermath!

• The new leader of the vampires is ANDREW BENNETT?!

• The vampire pilgrimage to their new homeland begins here. Many new characters and stories will be introduced along the way.

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Pencilled by Andrea Sorrentino
Inked by Andrea Sorrentino
Colored by Marcelo Maiolo
Cover by Andrea Sorrentino & Marcelo Maiolo

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. “Bite Prey Love”? Seriously?

    This title is suffering from the same problem as Journey into Mystery. It started off mostly serious with a couple of jokes. The jokes got a good reaction but now they’re just trying way too hard to be funny.

    • I’ve really enjoyed this book so far, but I agree with you, that tagline/sub-title is lame.

      I’m stoked to meet the Van Helsings though.

  2. It’s a coin toss as to whether or not I’ll pick this up tomorrow. It’s interesting enough but I become less and less excited with every issue. Which is a shame because the book looks so damned good.

  3. I’m really glad they let Sorrentino do the covers. Can’t wait to read this in trade.

  4. I think i’m dropping this, it’s good and i quite like the art, but it’s just too light a read.

  5. this started out really strong, but the crossover took too much time, I’m giving it one last chance to whoo me, or I’m dropping it

  6. I’m loving this book. Interesting take on the vampire thing, beautiful artwork, lofty story. I’m in for the long haul, or at least until Sorrentino is off the book.

  7. This issue was okay. It was mostly set-up, which is understandable, but there wasn’t much tension, or any wow moments. The Van Helsings could turn out pretty cool, so far we just know they are kinda like the League of Shadows or The Hand, but I’ll wait to pass judgement. I still don’t know what to make of Andrew’s plan, if he has one. I’m still on board, because I’ve enjoyed this book so far, and I really dig Sorrentino’s art.

  8. I live the fact that no one ever comments on the fact that this book is about two bisexual immortal messianic figures barreling towards war with the same army. The fact that it’s taking place in the desert just adds to the social reference of current affairs. Love this title. Love the art. Love the fact that they try too hard sometimes…shows they care.

  9. I hate vampires, and everything’s obsession with them and zombies doesn’t help, but I picked this title up on a whim and have loved every moment of it. More people should be reading it.

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