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  1. I’m jazzed to have monthly Cassaday for the first half of this year. The only hold-up this comic could have is translating between French and English, act-of-God-distruptions aside.

  2. People this is a Cassaday illustrated book more people should be pulling this!!!


  3. Some of this was actually published already when DC was distributing Humanoids for 5 seconds. It’s a good story, but it’s completely unclear to me how much of this was covered in the first edition they put out.

  4. It totally amazes me that more people are not getting this. Its Cassaday for god’s sake. Very disappointing.

  5. holy shit! this looks fuvking awesome. how did i not know about this until now?

  6. MMMMM, Cassaday en francais, beeaauutiful.

  7. this is seriously the best cassidy’s art has ever looked.

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