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HULK #17

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  1. This has been a great read.  Surprising, since it’s from Marvel’s worst writer Jeph Loeb.  But this has been excellent.  The art always amazes.  Red Hulk always entertains.

  2. They dragged this out WAY too long. I lost interest in who the red hulk is, let alone the red she-hulk. Jeff Loeb needs to learn how to follow through on a plot.

  3. What a jumbled mess and waste of twelve bucks this story has been. There were only two decent pages in the whole 4 issue story that were any good and that was in this where they’re on the empire state building and we see the marvel new York skyline. The rest of this was just garbage. I don’t even care who the red hulk is anymore. DROPPED!

  4. This was a bit of a let down for me, compared to the previous issue or two.  Too many alliances and double-crossings without giving us any insight into motives.  The art was a little weaker also.  But it looks like the story is about to pick up.  And shouldn’t Punisher be a Frankenstein by now?

  5. @wayne-Why should Punisher be "A Frankenstein by now?"  Storylines happen at different times, it’s a basic concept!  This happened before that, no need for an explanation.  I hate stupid comments like these.

  6. @Ass – I was making a joke. 

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