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    That’s all I have to say. 

  2. Seconded.

  3. I really like this book. I find this concept fascinating and it is a solid book every week. Also, I think it has some of the strongest covers going these days.

  4. Great stories, great covers, and great fun.  All around a good time.

  5. I was about to drop this book after the third issue, but then the 4th issue came out and was the best so far.

  6. I <3 this book.  Nice to see a Vertigo title doing it’s best to work well in a single-issue format.

  7. Loving the cover

  8. I haven’t even read the third issue yet, even though I bought it. But I guess it’ll be fun to read the three issues back to back, kinda like a mini-trade.

  9. @cylonpete – #3 is the issue where I realised this was a great series. #4 was just as good. i’ve got no reason to believe #5 will be any different so reading them all back to back should be great.

  10. I just noticed Sean Murphy’s name.  His art on the two Aaron-penned Hellblazer issues was great, I bet he’ll do a fantastic job here as well.

  11. I’m really tempted to jump into this book – if my LCS has the back-issues, I’m in. Otherwise, I’ll wait for the first trade.

  12. @coltrane – I think you can just jump right in and catch on quick. People stuck in a Mystery House somewhere in the middle of ?????. And they tell stories to each other. I think you’ll really enjoy it.

  13. I wouldn’t jump in here without reading the other 4. You’d miss out on the main story about Fig if you did that.

  14. And I meant to say – this issue was awesome. Flying vampire cats!!

  15. Best issue yet.

  16. Good issue.  Brings more questions than it answers.  I still think the story in the first issue (about the girl and the bugs) has not been topped yet.

  17. I liked this issue but maybe I’m not getting something.  What was the end all about?  Him standing there… her saying "not you".   What was that all about?  I just didn’t get that.  I’ll read it again when I’m done with my stack but as of right now… I’m lost.  Still loved it though. 

  18. i love that nyu-film-student-part-time-magical-creatures-exterminator story…. i mean come on… VAMPIRE CATS!!!

  19. Well it was my pick of the week.  Something tells me I should also be reading Fables and Jack of Fables right now.  I want to read these from the start in trades, but there are sooo many.  Some many good comics, so little spare time to read ’em!  Darn.

  20. I enjoyed the little text piece that Sturges threw in as well. Almost like two mini-stories in the same issue. And seriously, how can anyone deny vampire cats?

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