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  1. How long has Cain been involved in this?  I’m in as of NOW!

  2. Depends on your perspective…either from the very first issue or just in the last arc.  I hate to be cryptic but I don’t want to spoil anything if you want to go back and read from the beginning…

  3. I always get Cain mixed up with the other guy.

  4. More or less Cain re-appeared with this arc (starting at 16 I think). I believe he became a regular character at issue 18.  I loved the oneshot horror story in this one. It gave a very nice Lovecraftian vibe, especially the Thralls themselves who brilliantly creepy and icky. It won’t remake the world for you, but a good horror yarn which proudly waves its pulp roots flag (written in Boston in the 30s, indeed). They have to keep the tales good to keep my interest, because the "main" story just unravels too slowly (partially because 6-10 pages of every issue involves a separate story). 

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