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Cryptids. Aliens. Monsters. All the world’s bizarre secrets–what if they were real? Their existence would be debunked by a reality TV show! HOAX HUNTERS is that show, publicly disproving all variety of lore. But their real goal is the opposite: as the world’s dark corners surface, the HOAX HUNTERS cover them up.

When a mysterious astronaut made of crows appears in Russia, the HOAX HUNTERS are on the case.

Story by Michael Moreci & Steve Seeley
Art by JM Ringuet
Cover by Steve Seeley

Price: $2.99
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AmirCat03/22/12NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. Pre ordered Hoax Hunting but then havent seen it on any other previews after this issue. Is this a one and done are an one going?

  2. Looks cool even though the initial premise is almost the same as B.P.R.D.

  3. This did nothing for me at all. I really bought it to check out the new art and style of the #1 preview and I don’t like. I didn’t care for the original art but the new work is so bright and flat that it just doesn’t match the style of story. Without that there isn’t a whole lot to make me want to buy or read this since it isn’t that novel or unique and done better in books like BPRD.

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