Iron Fist asks: Who’s hiring the heroes? The dangerous missions continue — and the mystery behind who’s pulling the strings deepens! As Paladin begins to question the operation he’s signed up to, his curiosity brings him face-to-face with a figure central to Heroes For Hire history…with explosive results!

Story by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy
Cover by Doug Braithwaite & Harvey Tolibao

Price: $2.99
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  1. This book isn’t one I’d typically buy, but I’ve really been enjoying it.  I’m finally getting familiarized with all the Marvel  heroes I’ve never read.  Also my first DnA reading experience.  Love the plot twists.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t like the new Iron Fist costume?

  3. @Minion Nope, I am with you on that.

  4. This book is still good though.

  5. @Minion  It just changed colors, right?  Green to White?

  6. I’m all about the classic Iron Fist outfit — outlandish though it may be. And white? No…just no.

    The first two issues were well enough produced for me to stay on for a while to see what happens. I like that it’s using characters you don’t see much — like Satana and Silver Sable. Puppet Master doesn’t seem like a good fit, but we’ll see.

  7. I happen to really like both Iron Fist outfits

  8. I’m not really an Iron Fist fan, so I don’t really care about his outfit. Glad they got rid of the booties, though. Booties suck.

    This book is damn good. The art is a little weird looking sometimes (these characters have some serious lips!), but it’s pretty solid overall. Glad it exists and happy to be buying it. Now if they can keep me happy with keeping up the Silver Sable awesomeness, I’ll be ecstatic. 🙂

  9. This book keeps tricking me into thinking it’s merely average, then blowing me away. I was inches from uttering the reviled “meh” during last ish, until that brilliantly scripted/drawn final conversation between Paladin and Misty. Curse you, DnA, for reaffirming my love of this medium!

  10. @CaseyJustice  Yeah that last page of him talking to her and then the reveal that he’s in the room she’s supposed to be in and all the dust everywhere. damn that was just good storytelling

  11. @RoiVampire  indeed. That scene was perfectly done. This series was kinda a slow burn until that very moment. Expert pacing/plotting by DnA–per usual. This looks to be the issue in which i’m likely to be fully sold on the book (hope there are enough folks out there along for the ride too!!)

  12. In a week without a real mind blower, I think this is my POW. Who’d have thought that ANYONE, even DnA, could make me into a Paladin fan? Incredible.

  13. All my regular books have been awesome this week. Give Abnett and Lanning Moon Knight. I love Bendis but I doubt they’ll make me like him more than this issue did. Also, Paladin is the man.

  14. This is above the norm all the way!

  15. Turned out this was the best book this week. And either the art is improving or I’m getting used to it.

  16. This isn’t the best book Marvel puts out, but it is the most fun!

  17. Stabbing a velicoraptor in the heart always does the trick. this was amazing

  18. This series is becoming GREAT. (currently sitting at ‘really good’

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