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  1. This has been really good. 

  2. @Brandon – I agree with you.  I really really enjoy this book.  I’m just now jumping into Hellblazer and I’m loving it.  Next is to start gathering all them trades Josh talked about in his mini.

  3. @Charlie – That’s a very good idea,  the Ennis run was fantastic.

  4. The Warren Ellis run is also very good.

    Cruelly ended by editorial interference.

  5. I think Oliver was a perfect choice to pick up Hellblazer.

  6. He’ll be great with Manco, as they guy’s art just drips of grit, dirt, and filth.

     Good issue here, glad to see it building up without too much exposition.  I hope John doesn’t come in just to save the day, that would sort of defeat the purpose of this series.  I want to see how Chas handle’s it.

  7. @sunnyvale – I agree with you.  I really hope this doesn’t just turn into a Hellblazer arc.

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