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Constantine finally tracks down Tamsin, the sometime witch who’s been tormenting his niece Gemma.

Meanwhile, Constantine’s trench coat works its way back to its original owner, leaving a trail of death and madness.

But none of this can compare with the shocking revelation that lies in store for our long-suffering occultist.


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  1. Cover of the week.

  2. Is this a jumping on point?

    • @bhannoah: You should be fine. Basically, his trenchcoat is out of his possession and its “spirit” is fucking with whoever gets it. He is also mixed up in a mob issue b/c his wife’s father is a boss.

      I just got into it a few months ago, and I had to go out and get all of the Hellblazer trades that Milligan/Camuncoli have done. It is that great.

      If your shop has the “annual” that came out last week, it is worth picking up. It has a much darker, more serious tone than the current arc.

    • Ya ive been wondering when would be a good jumping on point for this book as well for a long time after wanting to read it. I recently grabbed the first Trade but am looking for more to read now and am afraid to be confused as to whats going on.

    • Neeks… You can start at issue 250… the beginning of Milligans run. I think the orginal 40 issues.. the J Delano run is the worst run of the whole series.. that first trade your talking about.. Anyway.. I dont think you need a lot of backstory you just have to start your reading at the beginning of a new writers run.. Traditionally every 2 -3 years a new writer jumps on Hellblazer.. You dont have to read everything because each writer introduces new supporting casts and girlfriends etc. The only constant is that John is normally a selfish guy who isnt always the best for those around him and hes a weak magician by DCU standards.. but hes an extremely lucky one though.. The only other constant is his taxi driving friend Cass .. who always gives more than he gets form John.. and occasionally Johns sister or niece show up in the book. The current run is lighter and just generally more positive than its been in the past.. im glad for that because sometimes hellblazer can get very dark. I like it this way.

  3. Was wondering the same thing, where should I start? I bought the Annual last week and LOVED it!

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