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In this new 2-part storyline, Constantine reluctantly becomes embroiled in a group of anarcho punks who worship a powerful effigy of Sid Vicious. Complicating matters further is an alchemist and a violent group of extreme political fixers. Featuring guest Art by Simon Bisley!

Art and Cover by SIMON BISLEY

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.2%
Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Cover of the week.

  2. without a doubt. I’m pretty geeked for this arc.

  3. Looking forward to this continuation of awesome.  Makes me want to read the whole series, especially the Ennis/Dillon run.

  4. @dneufeld- The Ennis/Dillon run, in my opinion, is the best Hellblazer you can read.

  5. Sid vicious versus Constantine slam hears my 3 bucks

  6. @rockinggeek – One of these years, I’ll get to it for sure.  Read Preacher in it’s entirety a few month’s back and I’m certain that anyone who’s read it can safely say that it’s one of the best comic book series ever.  That might even be an understatement, the chemistry between those two creators…. incredible.  I didn’t want it to end, yet it ended so good.

  7. Their Hellblazer run is their first collaboration and the "genesis" for Preacher. Preacher is the best thing I ever read.

  8. That cover?  Awesome.  Milligan’s last arc?  Surprisingly good.  Nonetheless, I’m already eager for a new writer to take over.  Okay, that’s bulls**t… I just want Ennis to come back.

  9. More Biz on the inside! Hell yeah!

  10. @denufield – The Ennis run is great, even before Dillon came on.  I have come to love the entire series, but you definitely can’t go wrong with Dangerous Habits (the first Ennis arc) as your starting point.

  11. Thanks man.

  12. Punx not dead. This present run is my second best run. Milligan’s Hellblazer is a happy mix of Ennis and Delano. Fun.

  13. This issue was good, but an average rating of 5.4?!?!?!? (didn’t know that was possible)

  14. This was awesome and I’m glad to see Bisley doing more interiors! Milligan keeps surprising me with his run

  15. A problem I have with Vertigo is not all of Ennis’s run is still in print, so I’ve not read past Dangerous Habits.

     Azzerello Has done my fave run on the book.

  16. This was really good.  And yeah, Biz’s art is fantastic.

    Luke – I am fan of that run too.  It’s such a winding story, but still tense all the time.  Marcelo Frusin’s art was soooo good.  

  17. Will never drop this book. As good as Biz’s art is (when he does the interiors), we were spoilt rotten with Leonardo Manco. No artist captured the tone of the book more than him. Need Ennis back for another epic run.

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