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In the conclusion of “India,” imperialism and dodgy mysticism collide in a Bollywood spectacular – HELLBLAZER-style! John Constantine tries to trick a demon, talks to the dead, and may finally find time to enjoy his duty-free whiskey.

Written by Peter Milligan
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini
Cover by Simon Bisley

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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Ha, that cover is inane.

  2. Other than the insanely fantastic Bisley pencilled one-parters, this story arc has been my favorite in the past year or 2.

  3. Hellblazer as been awesome for years now. Between Diggle and Milligan, Maco and Camuncoli and Bisley and Bermejo we’re getting pitch perfect Hellblazer comics.

  4. what a cover !!! lol

  5. @rockingeek – Now that Manco is doing some work at Marvel, maybe he and Diggle can work together again.  It’s possible that Manco is my favouite HB artist.

  6. @sunnyvale If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been reading Hellblazer?

  7. I laugh at how initially critical I was of Milligan when he started writing Hellblazer.  Now I love what he’s doing with this book.

  8. @vada – i’ve only been reading it monthly since Diggle took over, but I think have read nearly everything HB-related that has been put out in the 20+ years the book has been running. 

  9. God, I love that cover. Plus this storyline is really good.

  10. @sunny then you’re previous post about Manco being your favorite artist is a big statement!  He’s good, but there are several more that I’ve enjoyed.

  11. Frusin is up there for me as well.  Who tops your list?

  12. @sunny In no specific order; Steve Dillon (that’s more due to nostalgia of his connection to Ennis), Giuseppe Camuncoli, Sean Phillips, and Tim Bradstreet.  Honestly though, outside of the real floaty shit in the beginning, I’ve really enjoyed most of the artists in Hellblazer.  What a fucking great series!

  13. I’ve gotta go with Dillon myself, but Frusin and the others are amazing artists. Ennis and Dillon’s run is pure fucking magic.

  14. @Vada – I think you and I need to start campaigning Vertigo to reprint all the stuff Phillips worked on.

  15. I’m sure they’ll eventually do it.

  16. Good issue, but this story was a bit too complex for monthly reading.  I had forgotten so many of the intricacies.  Will definitely require a re-read.

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