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  1. More people need to be buying this comic.

    Ever since Diggle started writing its been nothing short of spectacular.

  2. After how amazing last issue was, I can’t wait for this one.  Out of all the books I’ve been picking up since my return to comics, this has been, without a doubt, the most consistently excellent book.  MisterBlank is right–more people should buy this!

  3. thanks to josh i will be picking up my second issue.  i am very very excited.

  4. Very good again! Diggle really knows how to write this character. I have been reading Hellblazer since 1992 or so and I must say that Diggle is the first one in a loooong period of time that returns to the essentials of John Constantine!

  5. I forgot to pick this one up.  I got 240, but I couldn’t quite get into it.  Should I give it another shot?

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