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  1. I thought the first issue was interesting. I think I’ll stick with this for the first arch

    • Me too. I even just called my LCS to make sure they hold a copy of this and Fatale for me. The owner always under orders on Image. I think the staff was expecting only 1 or 2 copies of this issue!

    • got me onboard for the 1st arc as well i thing there just was enough in the 1st issue to make you want to carry on and see where it goes

  2. Totally agree. I dont know what is up with this book. May give it one more issue, but who knows.

  3. I enjoyed this more than the first issue. I agree with those who were confused at first, but once you get to the end of the issue it makes a lot more sense. I think this series stands a chance at being really cool, it will all come down to the execution. I will defintely stick around to find out where Keatinge(sp?) takes this. I also thought the art was a touch better this issue.

    • The art was definitely better in this issue. But this book just didn’t flow plot-wise. As you pointed out, I thought the execution was poor. Sure, I get that we’re jumping around to different times/dimensions, but the transition between these was abrupt and choppy. It almost seemed like some pages were out of order or something. Some kind of more graceful transition between these would have helped. I’ll give it one more, but they better step it up.

  4. I agree – this is a mix of elements from other, better things.

  5. decided to not get anymore of this title. Just isn’t cutting it in a land of awesome there can be no meh.

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