• ADAM sets out to reclaim the power of HE-MAN and find TEELA and MAN-AT-ARMS.

• SKELETOR releases his minions to destroy Adam and keep him from finding his fellow Masters.

Written by Keith Giffen & James Robinson
Art by Philip Tan, Howard Porter, Ruy Jose, & Livesay
Cover by Philip Tan & Ruy Jose

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. Holy cow, finally I dont know why but that seemed liked a hell of a wait for the 2nd issue

  2. I loved the first issue. Stoked for this one.

    • Agreed, the first issue was great. I loved the whole amnesia angle. Great way to introduce us to Adam’s world. Too bad it sounds like the slow reveal is being ditched…

    • Check out the Masters of the Universe digital mini issues at Comixology (or where ever), they’re awesome. Background stories on the characters by writers like Geoff Johns, Mike Costa and Kyle Higgins.

  3. so is this written by Keith Giffen or not. Research be damned.

  4. I liked this MUCH better than issue #1.

  5. Does anyone know what happened here? Why did Robinson leave? Does anyone know anything here?

  6. It was OK. Some odd art/camera choices and some weak dialogue but a better experience than #1 by a little… not much though. This really shouldn’t be as hard as they are making it.

  7. I can not wait for issue #3

  8. I hope Stinkor is the next Villain of the Issue. I mean, c’mon! STINKOR.

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